Sunday, October 19, 2014

lego wyld style homemade costume

Have you children had the chance to see  the Lego movie?  

We were able to take the kids & see the Movie  and Now  we sing "Everything is awesome"  , we sing it much  more than I would like .  My daughter loves to be creative with Halloween costumes and I like being frugal ,  So when she came to me with the idea of being Wyld Style.  I took it and ran with .   For those of you who don't know what Wyld Style looks like I posted a picture below for referenc.

We already had black pants and a black hoodie, so it was an  easy  start. I got iron on transfer sheets for dark fabric. My husband went online and got the graphic off her sweatshirt. He sized it up and printed it out. I then ironed it on pretty easy. Then we painted her face yellow and sprayed her hair black,pink ,and blue.
Tada! All done, pretty easy and my daughter loves it!

Staff blogger  Sarah S

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Mrs. Fields Moments" to Bring Loved Ones Together

How do you spend quality family time? Here at our home, we enjoy Sunday game night with out children every week , the more the merrier, and although we do not make the kids join in, they have never missed a night, and sometimes even the two that are grown and on their own even stop by for game night.

What do we enjoy on game night? Mrs. Field's Cookies of course. No only do they taste great, they taste homemade without having to even turn on the oven, even though you can stick them in the microwave for 15 seconds and have pure heaven in a cookie.

Some of our favorite games to play while we enjoy our Mrs. Field's Cookies are trivial Pursuit, Scattergories, Logo and many more.I can say, Dustin is the biggest board game fan and those times when he was at Boot Camp or stationed in D.C. were biter sweet, which is another reason my family proudly buys Mrs. Field's Cookies. Mrs. Field's supports the United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO). You can find that Mrs. Field's gladly supports the "Every Moment Counts" campaign, and with every box you purchase you are not only getting an amazing box of cookies to share with your family, you are also sharing with troops on long deployments and giving them a taste of home with a Mrs. Field's cookie also.

As a proud veteran and mother of an Army infantryman as well as coming from a large Military family and our family knows first hand how those deployments can affect troops and their families, that's why supporting Mrs. Field's Cookies is important to us. 

Bridget Williams

Mrs. Field's also own TCBY and is one of the largest retailers of freshly baked, on-premises specialty cookies and brownies in the world and the largest retailer of soft-serve frozen yogurt with live active cultures. Those are the two most well known companies they own currently. 

Want to hear something really great that Mrs.Field's just started? 

Mrs. Fields just announced a contest that will send one lucky family to National Harbor in our nation’s capital! The contest encourages real families nationwide to designate time every week to enjoy a cookie together, and to share these “Mrs. Fields Moments” online.

Now is your chance to shine with a family selfie with your Mrs. Field's Goodies!

Read below to find out how you can enter for you and your family.

How to Enter:
1.     Take a family selfie of your Mrs. Fields Moment
2.     Share the photo on the Mrs. Fields Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram using the #mrsfieldsmoments hashtag
3.     Share as many moments as you like between Sept. 10 and Nov. 2, 2014.
Grand Prize:
·       Round-trip airfare for four to Washington, D.C.
·       Two-night accommodations in downtown National Harbor
·       Dining gift certificates to downtown National Harbor
·       Four tickets to ride The Capital Wheel

How does your family spend quality time together? Do you have anyone or know anyone on a long deployment? Buying Mrs. Field's can now have special meaning for you and your family together now

"I am participating in this campaign as a member of  The Niche Parent Network & Conference in partnership with Mrs. Fields. All opinions are my own." 

Limited Edition Wii U Holiday Giveaway

As the Holidays approach I wanted to be able to Give my fans a chance to win a great little prize for the whole family.

This Limited edition Wii U was sponsored by McDonalds and I am giving it away to one lucky fan this Holiday season.

'This Limited edition Wii U comes with the system plus 2 games and will make someone very happy on Christmas morning.

I have several other bloggers who have joined in with me to help you win this!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pillsbury Melts Cookies Review & Giveaway

We all love's a fact. Many people spend hour's in the kitchen mixing & baking up the most perfect cookie and still...they are just cookies, even if they taste great.

Enter, Pillsbury Melts ordinary "Just a Cookie" about these.

How about a delicious Chocolate Molten cookie that taste just go tit, Chocolate Molten Cake. Yummy chocolate Cake like on the outside with an oooey gooey melted chocolate inside. Yes, it's not only as good as it sounds, but as good as it looks.

These, although they take a bit longer to bake than normal Pillsbury Cookies, coming in a a total time of 20 minutes to open, put on pan, bake, ice and cool, are well worth that 20 minutes. Nothing special you have to do, they are as simply as any other Pillsbury Cookie with an added step of Icing & more cooling, which takes about 60 seconds to ice one pack then cool for an additional Five Minutes.

I admit, I took a bite while they were still dripping with chocolate icing and warm inside & out. I admit I didn't  follow directions, it was simply  too temping, although with the other 8 cookies in the pack, I followed direction to a T so I could get my kids reaction. Normally all kids love cookies, but mine much prefer plain ole chocolate Chip, However, even they had to admit these cookies were amazing.

Chocolate Molten Cake not your thing? How about a yummy gooey filled S'mores Cookie. Yes, they too are simply as awesome as the Chocolate Molten Cookies. They have the most delicious Marshmallow filling  inside these amazing cookies with Chocolate drizzled on top. They are divine...

Have you tried the new Pillsbury Melts Cookies yet? what did you think? Personally myself & my family rated them with 5 stars. You will not find a better.  more not so ordinary Easy to Bake cookie out there.

How else can you get an amazing gooey filled Cookie such as the Pillsbury Melts without spending hours in the Kitchen? No where...

Now, I would like to give one of my fans a chance to win a coupon for a free pack of Pillsbury Melts...simply comment below and tell me which kind you would like to try or what kind you would like to see them add to the line up next.

Cascade Platinum : #CascadeShiningReviews :You have to try this! Review & Giveaway

What is a great party without sparkly clean dishes? BORING!

I recently had a fun party to show all my friends how well Cascade Platinum works on even the grimiest dishes. I made sure to make some foods that would leave a huge mess in the pan so that I could skip the pre-rinse and stick those nasty dirty dishes right in the dishwasher for everyone to see...sound crazy? Well, maybe before cascade Platinum I would have thought so too, but now, well, there is no need to bother with Pre-rinse, as a matter of fact, Cascade Platinum works best when you have all the dirt & grime stuck to your dishes.....Pretty nifty don't ya think?

This Party was especially fun because I was not worried about having a sink full  of dirty dishes, after all, what better way to show my guest how wonderful Cascade Platinum is than to give them a first hand show.

I had the opportunity to make a few dishes that were really messy, but were oh so yummy that way I could not only feed my guest but while we ate I could let the  Cascade Platinum do it's job and clean up the mess of dishes I had.

My first Dish and Party Food was Double Fudge brownies, as you can see below, they look good even going in to the oven. My goal was to make them the night before my Party &  leave the pan sitting overnight to get all yucky & crusty, as you can see I accomplished that. I wanted to make sure my guest saw the pan as well before washing.

Next Up was this awesome French Toast Recipe courtesy of  The Food Network and Alton Brown                            

French Toast Ingredients
 1 cup half-and-half
 3 large eggs
 2 tablespoons honey, warmed in microwave for 20 seconds
 1/4 teaspoon salt
 8 (1/2-inch) slices day-old or stale country loaf, brioche or challah bread
 4 tablespoons butter

Cascade Platinum works best when you skip the pre-rinse. It is formulated to get off left over food and stuck on stains best, so when you use this, make sure to simply skip the Pre-rinse so you can see how well this works.

Once My guest arrived, I began taking all the food from the pans ( other than the Brownie Pan which I had let sit overnight) and plate it our for the party.

I had all of my guest crowd around my dirty dishes in the sink as I showed them I was putting them in the dishwasher sans Pre-Rinse. They had a ton of questions such as What will happen to the food. As many of  you already know, each dishwasher has a built in Garbage disposal type system already inside, so no worries there. The reason for skipping the Pre Rinse, as stated above, is that Cascade Platinum works best when used on the grimiest & dirtiest dishes to release the dish soap to get everything off.

While I ran the dishwasher , My guest & I enjoyed the food as well as each party guest received a goody pack with Cascade rinse Aid and Cascade Platinum as well as a info sheet about theses Amazing products.

Look how awesome my pans looked right out of the Dishwasher, even my guest ( as well as myself) were amazed. This was my first time trying Cascade Platinum and I have to admit, I was super impressed and will use it from now on. with so many kids and dirty dishes, this is the perfect thing for me to have on hand at all times, as you can imagine , my kids make sure to always leave a mess when they cook and this way I do not have to worry when they are doing chores that they Pre-Rinse all the dishes.

You can also visit Cascade on Facebook & Twitter to find amazing new product info as well as other great info!

You may wonder what the Goal of this party was, and that is actually a super simple answer! To educate people on how to achieve immaculately clean dishes every time just like my dishes!

Have an opinion to share? Head to the Cascade website to leave a short review of Cascade Platinum ( including #CascadeShiningReviews. One reviewer will win a Kitchen Aid Dishwasher!

One of my reader's will now have a chance to win a prize pack for themselves.  Check out all the goodies below that will be included with the Winner's Pack!

  • ·         1 pack of Cascade Platinum
    ·         1 Bottle of Cascade Rinse Aid
    ·         Whisk
    ·         Spatula
    ·         Wine Topper
    ·         Sugar Sifter

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This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine."