Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rocco Originals Sunglasses Review & Giveaway!

I have the most AMAZING sunglasses now that a girl could dream of. I was sent several pair of Rocco Originals original Sunglasses and Readers to try and I have fallen in love, it's like having a fashion show for my face!

These sunglasses are not the cheaply made only last one day throw away in a week kinda glasses, they are affordable, well made and come in some pretty trendy styles as well. I was amazed that for such little money, I could get some great sunglasses and readers that I would have to pay $40 or more more from anywhere else.

These are my favorite pair so far, I have not had a chance to wear them all except to try them on and check myself out in the Mirror ( yes, It was flattering) 

These floral Print sunglasses would really flatter any one's face and they are just perfect for Spring and will even transition in to Summer because the look will go with all the new trends.

My Second favorite pair are the ones you see below:

 I chose these in Red because I tend to wear a lot of red in the Summer and they will match anything with even the the tiniest bit or red in it, or heck, if you don't care if your sunglasses match you can wear them all day everyday. I personally wear sunglasses year around to protect my eyes because even the Winter Sun can be brutal on you.

I have always been a big fan of White Sunglasses, but it's hard to find any that are cute, affordable and not all cheap and plastic looking but I was sent a pair of Rocco Originals in White and I adore them, If I were to wear sunglasses to my wedding, I would wear these. 

 These polarized glasses come in four different colors and I can only wish I had all four colors because the clarity is amazing, I love having these polarized glasses .

They also have some pretty awesome and stylish reading glasses with all different clarity on them that you can pick up, and they are affordable and ...STYLISH...I love having style in my glasses that's for sure.

These in the picture are on my wish list, I love them! But Take a look around the website and see how many different styles, colors and overall products they carry.

Rocco Originals will be my go to place for Sunglasses for a long time. I could not imagine buying Sunglasses from any other company anymore. I love the Durability, the Price, the many different styles and the super quick shipping. 

Once you choose the glasses you want just add them to your cart and check out is super simple and you will have them on your doorstep in just a matter of days!

You also get a FREE case and Free Cleaning cloth with every single pair you order. I have my eye on 3 other pair right now as well.

So now that Spring and summer are up on us, why not spend your money on Sunglasses or Readers that you will love. They also have a pretty extensive line of Men's readers and Sunglasses as well.

Tell me in the comments which pair you like best because I am sending one lucky reader a pair of Rocco Originals to start their Summer off just right!

Vera Bradley Easter Weekend Purse Giveaway!

I love Vera Bradley and after polling you all, found that you love it too, so I have a Vera Bradley Purse to give away this Hoppy Easter Weekend.

This purse was used for 2 days by me and I decided I liked my bigger ones better, so it is Brand new practically.

You have several ways that You can get entries.

Entry Method #1 - Comment on any of these post listed below for two entries per comment, you can comment on one or all of the ones I have listed ( or any other post ) Leave a comment on this post telling me how many times you if you comment 14 times today let me know, same for tomorrow, etc..each comment will count for 2 entries

Rocco Originals

Couples Costume

Falling For Bentley

Mom's Night Out

When the Lights Go Out

A Little White Lie

Marco's Pizza


Entry Method #2- Preorder #BillionaireUndone from iTunes for $3.99, let me know if you did in the comments below - This entry will give you 25 entries by itself!!!!!!

Entry Method #3- Free & Easy.....Join Beamly and follow me in my TV rooms, comment and engage with my comments...for each room you join and comment on MY  comment you get 2 entries ( this also enters you in to the Vera Bradley Wallet Giveaway as well)

Entry Method #4 - RSVP for the two twitter parties on the events page on FB , just go to our Facebook page, click on events and RSVP to one or both, 2 entries for each one you RSVP for

Entry Method #5- Share the Twitter parties or invite your friends, leave a comment each time you share, you get 5 entries for each time you share the twitter parties ( that is five for each party so if you share each party you get 10 total) You can share as much as you want on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, anywhere you can think of, just comment below and leave a link if you like

Entry Method #6 - Share this Giveaway on Facebook &*Twitter, 5 entries per share. So comment here each time you share i ton Facebook, twitter or anywhere.

Entry Method #7- Enter any other of our Giveaway, comment below with which ones you entered 

Entry Method #8- Visit Author Marie Astor and/or Author J.S. Scott on Facebook and tell them how excited you are for the Twitter party

Entry Method #9- Follow me on Instagram and/or Pinterest, leave a comment with your Instagram/Pinterest name below

Entry Method #10- This one Counts for 25 extra entries....Do all of the above ( except the itunes preorder, if you do the preoder as well you get 25 entries already)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Author J.S. Scott #BillionaireUndone Twitter Party!


Many of you know I am a huge fan of Author J.S. Scott and her amazing reads. That's why I can proudly say, I will be hosting a Twitter Party to celebrate the release of her new book  from the Billionaire Series, Billionaire Undone, where you get a better glimpse in to Travis and all of his glory.

April 27, 2014 at 9 pm ESt the party begins. Simply Follow me on twitter @Mizvanilla and use the Hashtag #BilionaireUndone to participate. You can also head over to the Facebook events page and get your RSVP in early so you are eligible to win the Pre-Party Prize which will be announced at the beginning of the twitter Party!

Billionaire Undone is also now available on iTtunes for pre-order for only $3.99,  so hurry on over and get your pre-order in now because this is one book you will want to start on the minute it comes out.

We have some amazing prizes up for grabs at the Twitter Party, and you really want to RSVP so you have the chance for the awesome RSVP prize. Who wouldn't be amazed to have a copy of one of Author J.S. Scott's books signed by her for your collection?

You do not have to RSVP to win the Party prizes or the Grand Prize, but an RSVP is required to win the preparty RSVP Special Giveaway

Now, the best Part......I am personally offering 2 copies via Pre-order on iTunes to anyone who RSVP's before April 206h.

Also, anyone who preorders between now and May 6th will be entered  in to a special drawing to receive a signed copy of the New book in paperback once it is released plus a $10 iTunes Card . So head on over to iTunes and get your preorder in now, comment below to let me know you preordered and you are entered to win. The winner will need to verify with me the preorder to win the prize

Get ready for an exciting hour of Twitter Goodness with steamy romance talk, prizes, laughter and lots of fun!

Marie Astor: #Searinglies Twitter Party

Come join me for an hour of fun and prizes as we Celebrate with Author Marie Astor and the release of her new book Searing Lies on May 5th at 9pm EST.

Use HashTag #SearingLies  to join in on all the fun 

Make sure to follow me @mizvanilla  and Marie to win prizes!

Marie Astor is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Janet Maple Series:To Catch a Bad Guy, Catching the Bad Guy, Bad Guys Get Caught, contemporary romance novels This Tangled Thing Called Love, Lucky Charm, Smitten at First Sight, and a short story collection, A Dress in a Window.
Marie is also the author of a fantasy adventure novel, Over the Mountain and Back.

During this hour of fun we will be talking about Marie's new book Searing Lies and give away some signed copies of her previous books to a few select winners.

We will also be doing a Pre party RSVP Prize for everyone who RSVP's, although you do not have to RSVP to win prizes only to win the Pre Party Prize.

There will be 1 pre-party prize, 2 party prizes and one grand prize at the end of the hour. 

To RSVP simply Visit the Facebook Event Page HERE and comment with your twitter handle

Beamly : The Best of TV : Plus win a Vera Bradley Wallet

Have you all joined me on Beamly yet to talk about the latest and greatest TV shows on the air right now?


For everyone that follows me this week you have a chance to win a Vera Bradley wallet, it's really simple.

Head on over to Beamly Here, click follow on my profile and look to the right to see my TV rooms, head in to one or all of those rooms and engage in conversation with me. You can also find other TV rooms of your choosing and jump right in on conversations , if you find a room you think would interest me, let me know so we can chat about that TV Show together as well.

Once you are following me and have engaged in at least one TV room with me, comment below and you are entered in the drawing to win!