Thursday, January 29, 2015

Merengue Dance DVD Review

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for review, however, all opinions are based on my own experiences.

I have personally always wanted to learn how to do the Merengue but never have been confident enough to actually go out and take classes because I am self conscious about tripping and falling on my tush. So I was super excited to get this DVD and give it a try. 

This DVD lets you learn how to do the Merengue right from the comfort of your home. I actually started out in my living room and continue to work on my moves right in the same place. I do have hardwood floors, so I had to be careful not to do the slip and slide but found that if I put on Non Skid shoes or socks it worked better for me and not once did I fall. I even got Chris involved so I could have a dance partner and we are doing great with this.

The teachers on the DVD are really great and they take you through the dance step-by-step so you can go as fast or as slow as you want while you learn. The DVD is actually by SalsaCrazy and can be found on Amazon.

This is very easy to learn, I have spent a few days on this and am learning really quick. If I had more time I think I would already have it down pat,so I can't wait until Spring Break so I can spend more time on this and my 17 year old wants to learn with me. He is really in to singing and dancing and has already been watching this DVD and wants to get started. I was stingy and have not let anyone else use it yet because I want to be the first one to learn in my house.

After only 4 times, I already can do most all of the moves, I just need to pick up my pace and put them all together. With this Merengue Dance DVD , I feel like I am in a professional class and am learning just as I would in a class or on a  dance floor. I am really impressed with how well it is choreographed throughout the DVD and how much I have been able to learn so far.

The dance is really energetic and you can make it sexy or just plain fun@!

You can learn too, simply head over to Amazon and grab a copy for yourself today so you can start showing off your moves. I think this would be a great time for teenagers getting ready for the Prom to learn a really cool dance they can show off also.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

$25 Giveaway- 3 Winners

It's that time again..Giveaway time for no other reason than just because.

have you had your eye on something you really want on Amazon ? A new book? A new shirt? How about $25 extra dollars just to through the week? It's your choice. You can choose Amazon,Paypal, WalMart or anywhere you want. I can send a physical card or an E-Card, whatever you desire.

It's an easy entry. You can do 1 or  all.

If we reach 200 comments before Monday Feb 2nd  11:59 pm EST ( end of giveaway) , I will add a 3rd $25 prize as well. I will announce the winner9s) on Tuesday February 3rd before 8 p.m. EST

Ways to enter:

Make a comment on any or all of the post below. I have made it so you only have to click on the link to be taken to that page and leave this one open for easy reference. You get 1 entry for each comment you make and you can make a comment on each post one time a day. Make sure to comment here for each one you do so that you get proper entries in to the giveaway

 Time for You


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You Are What You Like

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Gaffer Power


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White Chinese Lanterns


iPhone 6 ArmBand

10 Pound Pledge

You can also comment on any post within the past 2 months that I have not listed above, just make sure to let me know below which ones you commented on, so basically you can get unlimited entries if you really want them.

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Good Luck & Happy entering to all!!

Basic Invite : All of your New Baby & 1st Birthday Invite needs

I love to hear about new Birth's, Baby Shower's and First Birthday's. Those are some very milestone occasions. Those Occasions warrant monumental stationary like what you find at Basic Invite.

I wish I would have known about this site when Asher & Lilly were born, they have some of the most adorable  and creative baby announcements I have ever seen. If you don't have Baby fever, you certainly will after seeing all the great announcements they have.                                        
You can't tell me those are not the cutest thing you have ever seen! You can make your own custom announcements in a variety of colors and styles and receive your order in 5 days. You really can't beat the prices and the time frame, especially when you are eager to show off your little bundle of joy.

Getting ready for a Baby Shower and can't decide on invites but know you want something out of the ordinary and not the generic ones you can pick up in the store? Basic Invite has you covered on Baby Shower invites also and very affordable as well. A baby shower is the first time a parent really gets that recognition as a parent to the soon to be bundle, and you want guest to be able to save those invites for years to come, especially save one for Mom to put in the baby book. So why not choose from a variety of styles or make you own custom invite that you can really show off. You will be getting so many compliments on them if you make your invites at Basic Invite

Now that your bundle of Joy has arrived, you've had sleepless nights, tears of joy and many milestones, why not mark your Babies First Birthday Milestone with a custom made Birthday Invite to celebrate his or her first year of life. I am so excited about these that I have already started to design the one's for Lilly's birthday in June. They have some super cute designs plus I can add my own personal touch to them as well if I chose to.  You can upload a personal picture or a design in which you have already picked out for the cards. They have so many options and I much prefer these over just picking up a plain invite in a package from a store . The 1st Birthday is really a true celebration of life and you are going to want to make it special, not to mention add to the baby book. 


So take a look around Basic Invite and see all the great options they have and start working on your Invites & announcements. You can have beautiful custom invites designed by you in a matter of minutes and they will arrive to you in just a few day.

You Are What You Like: Fun New App that you are going to want to try!

Do you ever find yourself on Facebook taking those quizzes & looking at your friend's results?  I know I do, it's fun, and it may even tell you more about yourself & your friends. You Are What You Like is a fun app that you use by connecting to Facebook , You can reveal your personality and find out more about your friends with just a few clicks.

No questions, nothing, it analyses your Facebook likes and such and pulls up a chart which is really kind of neat. I started out and clicked sign in with Facebook, it took about 60 seconds from start to finish. One click personality from start to finish. Sounds fun doesn't it? Well I thought so , because I always find myself looking at the things my friends post about themselves and I love hearing about them also, so if I saw this on one of my friend's timelines, I'm positive I would click it and check my results out.

So what were my results? It says I was Traditional  and opposed to Liberal And
Artistic. I think this pretty much says it all. I was not always conservative ( I don't think) but I have always been a Traditionalist. It also changes as your likes and interaction changes, it's pretty neat to log in to every day or so and just see what it says. My kids love it, they have been using it daily since I discovered this app. 

It says My conscientiousness is Well Organized.  I think Chris would disagree with that but in fact, My clutter is well organized and even though no one else could come right in and find what I have going on or where something is, I know exactly where everything is and what days certain things have to be done and my kids have a chore chart, etc. So again, pretty good analogy from an app. 

My Extroversion: Shy and reserved : Now, we know that was not always true..I'm not sure I had even been shy & reserved until this past year. Things change, we change, and seeing this in color made me think about things and really, it's true, I no longer find myself being the life of the party or talking to strangers. I guess this is yet another point on observation for me from You are What You Like.  I also tend to not like or share things that are off point because I have kids on my Facebook, I keep it clean.

AND COOPERATIVE...Haha this was funny. I like to think this does not describe me, but really, who am I trying to kid. I like to be right, I like to show I am right. 
Your Neuroticisim:  Emotional & opposed to : Calm and relaxed. We all know this is me point blank. As much as I would love to be calm and relaxed, it seems I am always going from one project to another, always stressing over something. Since my brain surgery I have been pretty emotional, so maybe it shows in my post. Now, after seeing this, I am striving for upbeat and happy when I post, who wants to hear constant stress and emotionally upset post all the time? Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy is going to be my new motto, then next week I am going to log back on to You Are What You Like and see if it has changed any when it does it's think and analyzes me.
I am not going to post a screen shot of what It says about my friends to protect their privacy but I can say it was really funny and even surprising in some cases.  It showed me who my Conservative and Traditional friends were, which I never would have guessed on some of them, as well as who my Artistic friends were and it was pretty accurate on that.

What really surprised me were my Personality Twins & My personality Opposites.  I guess I had never really looked at why I get a long with some people so great and others not as well ( obviously if they are on my friends list, we are friends) 
This is a really fun app and it's something I find myself checking out every other day or so. It's fun to see what it says about you and your friends & personalities. My Teenagers love it , it's great for a laugh and just overall a fun way to pass a few minutes and find out some things you never knew. 
Ready to give it a Shot and check out your results from You Are What You Like?


What would you do

I ask you, my readers for your questions so we could start a new What would you do series. these are the first of hundreds of questions. If you want to have your questions spot lighted on here, please email them to : We will not use names or tell you if we are using your question or not but check back each week to see if you have answers or if your questioned has been spotlighted. If you have answers or opinions please leave them in the comment section for the person who ask the question. 

Dear Brie-

I know you travel a lot so I wanted to ask if you or your readers had any tips on travel with and without kids. Like how do you pick where to stay, eat, do, etc and how to you manage to travel long distances in there car with so many kids. Do you have favorite hotels that you normally stay at?


Wannabe Traveler

Dear Wannabe Traveler,

I do have favorite Hotels to an extent. I usually try to find a Hilton to stay at but if none are around I will look at other hotel chains such as Marriott . I am not a fan of Motels but have stayed at several in smaller towns.  I think the cost associated with the hotels I prefer to stay at are worth it. We traveled 21 times over the past two years. As for traveling with kids, well, my kids are older, and even though that is a plus, they have not always been this age and it can get frustrating traveling with younger kids. I think my 11 year old is the worst, she constantly complains and talks non-stop, so we play games or give her things to do such as movies and games. My teenagers usually sleep a lot to talk between themselves. For younger kids I would say Movies are a good idea also. Without kids, we sometimes make last minute trips but usually only for 2-4 days. I like to stay in all inclusive places when we do not have kids like Casino's because everything is in the hotel plus usually many attractions around where we stay.

Dear Brie-

My 12 year old Step-Daughter has an uncanny obsession with her father. She lives with us full time but is constantly seeking attention and cannot stand when any of our other children get any attention or recognition, she will ruin moments when the other kids should be getting rewarded or praised. She will ask questions she already knows the answer to just to keep him from talking to anyone else, will try to get right in the middle by him when we are walking ( not just with me but with other kids too) and some inappropriate things I am too embarrassed to even speak about. we have had her in counseling but nothing works. I treat her and her brothers the same way, like my own children because I have raised them. No one gets special treatment over her and she usually ends up with all the attention to the point the other kids resent her because they can never get a word in. What can we do. 

Concerned Parent

Dear Concerned Parent,

That is a tough one, one that I can relate too as well.  I don't know all of the circumstances so I'm not sure how to answer. did you mention this to the counselor? Does she get one on one time ? How does she act with her siblings? I think I will have to refer to the readers for this one.

We are starting this week with only two questions, pretty far apart in topic. So let's hear your advice for our readers.