Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tiny Tulip Review

                                                                Tiny Tulip 

 The holidays are coming up really fast. I am always looking for gifts that are both useful and unique.                 When i got the opportunity to review a personalized gift i was very excited.  I  am always the one to carry things everywhere we go . Most times my purse is not big enough. That is why I chose  the large utility bag.
I love it . Its is very spacious which means room for everything. I also love the design, they had many to choose from . I now have a nice bag to carry things into work with instead of grocery bags. I will also have plenty of room to transport holiday gifts.  I believe the best feature is that it came personalized.  The name piece is beautifully done . You can see the time that was taken to write the name on there. I also love that the name is removable.  There are places that I don't want my name present,but most times the name is best on there so I know which one is mine. I also like t on there as people know its mine and can ask  where I got it. 
This is a very nice bag and very well made. I will get a ton of use out of it. I also think this will make wonderful gifts . They also have a wide variety of items to choose from and all can be personalized. 

Staff blogger   Sarah S

I received this item  free of charge  in exchange for a review.  All thoughts are my own .

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ditto: It's the Latest & Gretaest Way to shop for Eye Wear!

Lily Algaier

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for fashion in any form, especially Eye wear. Ditto has everything you would need for Prescription and Non Prescription eye wear including sunglasses and  optical glasses for both men and women.

I personally wear glasses, I would be lost, literally without them. However, just because I wear glasses does not mean I have to compromise my style. Ditto has an incredible selection for me to choose from and if I want prescription sunglasses that look amazing as well, well I can get them all at one place...Ditto!

One of my favorite things about Ditto is the fact that I can take the style quiz which takes 2-3 minutes and it will help me pick out styles I like based on my selections on the quiz. This is a newly launched app that will really make choosing perfect eye wear super simple!You can also use your webcam to virtually try on any glasses you think you may like to see how they would look on you. I know lots of places have a tool where you can use a predefined face template to try them on, but being able to actually use your own image from a webcam is pretty impressive and you will have the chance to see exactly how they will look on you not some other person. Below is just a quick spotlight on my style literally takes just a couple minutes!

My favorite pair of glasses I found after taking the style quiz are these awesome looking glasses below called Burberry. They frame my eyes perfectly and this is the style I wear quiet often when I am out and about.

Burberry BE 2135 
My second favorite pair were these cute & stylish Ray-Ban glasses that I found. 
Ray-Ban RX 5187 
Seriously, where can you find amazing eye wear at an affordable price that you can virtually try on ? Nowhere except Ditto!

These Elizabeth & James Sunglasses I found are to die for! I seriously have them on my Christmas list as I wear sunglasses year around and having prescription sunglasses is a must for as much driving as I do not to mention they are stylish!

Elizabeth and James FillmoreHow would you like to have a chance to win Sunglasses for a year from Ditto? It's really simple to do, visit Ditto and take the style quiz, which as I stated only takes about 2 minutes, then once you are finished you will see in the upper left hand corner a box that says win Sunglasses for a year, click on that and enter!

Ditto has so many different collections you can browse through to find your perfect pair. From 7 for All mankind to Vera Wang, you will not be disappointed in any pair you pick from Ditto. 

While you are at Ditto why not take a look around and find your perfect pair of Glasses or Sunglasses like I did because the best way to shop for eye Wear starts with Ditto!!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own based on my personal preference & experience.

A town destroyed

Has it really come down to the fact that people in our country think that burning, looting and destroying an entire town is the way to justice?

I am sure we all have different opions and thoughts on the decision made by the Grand Jury in Missouri county last night about the Ferguson issues, but regardless of our opinions, what gives anyone the right to destroy an entire town? Nothing..that's right, nothing gives those people the right to act like they are. We have laws in our country for a reason and these people against the plea's of Michael Brown's Family, thought they would just take justice in to their own hands. How is that justice?

Our country has come a long way in terms of rights and liberties. People work hard to open businesses and provide for the people. Now they have destroyed a town..for what purpose did this serve? How will these people began to heal and move on when others do things such as this?

What purpose did it serve to torch police cars ? Taxes will now go up to cover this loss. What purpose did it serve to torch a Beauty Salon?None, and now people will go to the next town over for those services, essentially leaving Ferguson without revenue coming in. Will the big retail giants rebuild like McDonald's and AutoZone? Most likely not, because insurance rates will be too high for them to operate in that town.

Not only will this town feel the economic loss, the county will, the state will and essentially we will all feel the total devastation for a long time to come.

You don't agree with the Grand Jury? The do a peaceful protest, write a letter to your congressman, push the Feds to seek justice, but do not take justice in to your own hands, because you are hurting yourself and your community. So many lives broken because of how this has turned out.

It's time to start healing for Ferguson and for out Nation. It's never a good thing when something like this happens. Did the officer do what he thought was right? Do we really know what was in Michael Brown or Officer Wilson's mind when this was happening? No, we had no idea, and we never will.  We can place blame however we like, but that does not excuse what is happening.

Let me tell you what this has accomplished..NOTHING! Absolutely nothing except to tear a city apart, to continue the hurt these families are suffering, preventing them from moving forward. Destroying a town which many may not rebuild in, destroying the livelihood of so many people by putting them out of jobs, leaving them without cars, forcing them in hide in their homes like criminals and most of all...destroying what our constitution was made for.

Stand up for what you believe in, but never at the expense of others. Encouraging these acts of vandalism is nothing more than defying what are laws are written for. Is this what we want our kids to grow up seeing and hearing? Not me...I want ,my children to obey the laws. There are so many ways this could have turned out without all the destruction...and I will use this as a lesson to instill in my children right from wrong. To teach my children that it is never okay to destroy something that is not their own. To show them ways to control how they feel without hurting others. To stand up for what they believe in in a way that will not break the law...and most of all, I will show my children the meaning of compassion, compassion for the families of the victim, the officer and the people whose livelihoods are being slowly destroyed by this complete lack of respect for the law with all these acts of vandalism.Regardless of how we each feel, these were senseless acts of violence.

A town, a county, a country, will never be the same again.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Every Child's Fun expanded! Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard with Motion Sensor

Okay, even I can admit it, this is awesome!

Is your child a lover of all things Dinosaur? Then you are going to want to keep reading because you want to add this to your Christmas shopping list, even better I am going to link you up with where to buy it at a great price on Amazon.

How much would your child love to have a Dinosaur that roars...or even better can project 24 different images on the wall? I know Asher loved this! He kept saying Nana change, wanting em to change the picture. It was adorable!

This cute little guy, if you can call a Dinosaur cute, really does all that!

Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard with Motion Sensor that Activates 5 Mighty Roar Sounds - Projects 24 Dinosaur Images on your Wall - "New Hottest Dinosaur Toy"
  • T-Rex room guard has motion sensor and 5 mighty roar sounds
    T rex roars into action every time an unwanted visitor trespasses into your bedroom! (hidden on/off switch)
    High technology built in trembler alert and motion sensor to detect movement
    24 realistic dinosaur images in your own room on 3 interchangeable discs, Hidden disk storage on dinosaur
    Projects Images Over 3 Feet, Ages 3 +, Uses 3 AA batteries

Any child is going to love to have this under the tree from Santa or anyone this year and you can easily purchase it on Amazon for a very good price!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

100 Ft Expandle Hose Review


100 Ft expandable Hose

It never fails that every year we end up with a tangle of hoses all over our yard, back, front, side, they end up everywhere. They are heavy and you have to lug them around, not to mention the fact that you either roll them up and end up with a mess sticking out just waiting for someone to trip over or a bulky hose reel.

Not anymore!

This 100 foot expandable hose has really been a lifesaver. I no longer have to worry about buying a big bulky hose to run to my swimming pool just to fill it up or to my garden to water several times a week. This hose is so easy and lightweight to move around, I have the only hose I will probably ever need, although, my husband, being a man , thinks we need a couple more of these hoses so he can have one for his shop and one for the garage.

This hose starts at 33 feet coiled up and expands quickly to 100 foot without any issues. I have not experienced any kinks which keep the water from flowing and I no longer need to use my bulky cord reel to roll it up. I simply turn off the water, give me a few minutes to empty out and f it goes right back to 33ft without fail and I can simply pick it up and place it on a shelf.

I have been very impressed with this hose and it's overall performance and durability.

This also comes with a 7 in 1 Sprayer Head attachment that works amazingly well. I have had many sprayers that either stick, don't work well on certain settings or do not put out enough pressure even when my water pressure is high. This sprayer head however, works great on every setting and so fr I have not had any issues with it.

You can pay a fortune for a regular 100 foot hose or you can buy this super lightweight 2 pound hose, proficiently operable and use to use hose for a fraction of the cost on Amazon

Some of the advantages of this hose are as follows:

  • Strongest Hose Available at 100-PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) Working Pressure
  • 300-PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) Burst Pressure
  • Starts Out 33 Feet and Expands to 100 Feet with Water Pressure, Release Pressure and Hose Returns to 33 Feet
  • Lightweight will Not Tangle, Twist, or Kink
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee For A Risk Free Buying Experience

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.