Stockpiling Realistically with Coupons, Sales and smart products

10:25 PM

How to create a stockpile realistically

Many people go in to couponing and saving expecting to create large stockpiles like you see on t.v., I am here to tell you, that is your first set up for failure. Couponing can be easy and realistic and you can still built a stockpile, some items more than others.

Personally, with our large family, i never thought i would be able to stock up on anything for more than a month at a time, but it has been a year since i have purchased razors, shave cream, body wash or soap as well as a few other staples.

The first key to starting a stockpile is deciding how much money you can realistically spend to get started, because contrary to belief, you cannot start free. I started with $50.00 on week 1, and was simply amazed at how much i came out of the stores with. The next week, i started with $20.00 yet only spent $17 and came away with $200 worth of product. I no longer get up early every Sunday just to hit the stores for sales unless it is a super good deal and i rarely spend more than $10.00 out of pocket.

Next, always, always, have a plan mapped out before you hit the store. Have your coupons organized, your sales flyers on hand and the stores coupon policy in your binder. Organization is a major step in couponing and you have to stay on top or your organization.

I started out buying 8-10 papers per week, but now, after 2 years, i have found that i will buy 2 to start with, if the coupons are just so good and the sales are matching up with the new coupons, i will go out and buy more, however, i have found that for the price of a paper i can use a clipping service online and get  exactly the coupons i want and need , and get 10-20 of each one for less than the price of a newspaper.

Concentrate on just 1 or 2 stores to start with until you can make a list and match your coupons up without a second thought, then you can expand to more stores.  A big reason many people stop using coupons is because they become overwhelmed trying to jump from store to store. Use blogs and websites to help you with your coupon matchups to store sales.

With coupons, as with anything else, you can never stop learning, it's a process that teaches you something new everyday. I have a set price for many items that i just will not go over, and i stock up when those items are on sale. A big item is cereal.. I will not pay more than $1.25 for a large box of name brand cereal, i currently have 50 boxes in my stockpile, and for all 50 boxes i spent less than $50.00. I will not spend money on items such as soap, body wash, razors, lotions, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc except for paying tax ( Tennessee requires that you pay tax on coupons and in most cases you can avoid it but there will be times you will have to pay the tax.)

There are so many ways you can save money on a daily basis, and not just with coupons. I save with daily deal sites, make money online ( see how to make money online) I use products that can help me save and cut back and i meal plan each week before shopping. I shop clearance way ahead of time for Christmas and Birthdays, and i enter over 200 contest per month, which really has paid off for my family.

Some things we are just not willing to compromise on, so we find ways to save in other aspects. We have 7 children, so one thing i refuse to stop buying are paper plates. If we did not keep paper plates on hand we would be washing dishes 10 times per day or more. So by using paper plates 75 % of the time, we cut back on our water usage, our dish detergent and time. The time saved alone is worth the $10 a month i spend on paper plates.

In the end, as you coupon you will start seeing other places and ways you can save, and with my blog, i hope to help teach you how to save realistically . We are taking our first ever family vacation out of state this year and we could not have done it without coupons and saving.

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