Back to School is just around the corner

9:48 AM

Back to School deals

Well, it's that time again, Back to School, which can be disheartening for kids and parents as the summer rolls to an end. It can also be very costly. 2 of my children start back to school on the 23rd of July...1 week away and i have been shopping deals for school supplies.

Here is what i have found thus far to be the best deals if you have kids going back soon before all the really good sales begin.

WalMart has some really good prices on a few things

1 subject notebooks $0.17 each
Loose leaf paper $0.82 cents per pack ( a little pricey but best i can find currently)
Pencils $0.47 cents per pack
Colored pencils $0.97 cents per pack
Ink Pens $0.50 per pack
Crayola Crayons $0.50 per pack
Composition books $0.50 each
Pencil sharpeners $0.88 each
3 Prong Colored folders $0.15 each

The next few weeks i will be bringing you the best deals i can find, this is the biggest shopping time of the year for my family, next to Christmas, gone are the days of needing a pencil, paper and crayons, and now are the days where the list is never ending

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