My Awesome Kroger Shopping Trip

6:57 PM

I love shopping at Kroger and am super proud of today's savings!

Granted, this was a small shopping trip compared to what i normally do, but as a few of the kids are off to other places this week my grocery budget is a bit smaller.

Some of my savings:

Suave deodorant $.99 each, used .50 off 1 which doubled to $.99 = FREE
Fuze -$.88 - used $1 off 1 fuze = .12 money maker
Colgate $1.00 used .50 off 1 which doubled = FREE
Oreo cups $1.00, used .50 off 1 which doubled to $1.00 = FREE
Reach floss $1.09  used $1 off 1 = .09 each

It was a great stock up trip plus i got a few essentials we needed !

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