My not so great experience with Rooms To Go

4:44 PM

My not so great experience with Rooms To Go

 So today as i was looking through my sales papers, i noticed the Rooms To Go ad which i normally just by-pass. I saw a Bedroom set which i adored, an 8 pc. Merrifield Queen Bedroom Set with bonus T.V. for only $1999.00, to the left of that i see a coupon which says Bonus savings good through Monday July 30 for $600 off  8 pc bedroom set, wooohoo, for $1399.00 plus tax i knew i had to have this set, and first i had to convince hubby, which i did, so off we go to buy this set...when we get to Rooms To Go we are told we cannot use this coupon on this set....or any other advertised set, or any set that comes with a bonus T.V....yet the coupon does not state that, nor does it state that it cannot be used on sale items or advertised deals, or deals with T.V.s....
 Am i wrong to think this was false advertising on part of Rooms To Go, and i feel they should have honored the coupon because no where does it say it could not be used with this set. I am very frustrated and do not forsee using Rooms To Go as we start our remodel as i had planned. 

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