My quest to a better me

1:43 PM

I finally decided it is time to lose this weight and find a healthier me.
When i'm bored, i eat, when i'm stressed, i eat, and so goes the cycle. Now, here i am, weighing in at 26 pounds more than i did in May of last year, and i know i have to change things, the question is, where do i began?

Do i give in a buy all these new fad weight loss products to get started, or do i simply change my lifestyle? I am big about making sure my kids eat healthy and not take in too much sugar or soda, and i harp about exercise to them, but i don't follow my own rules i guess.

It all started when we started our own business 16 months ago and i started working strictly from home. It's easy to grab a snack on the go or sit down with a book when i have 15 minutes , but what isn't easy is changing these habits and finding a way to change my life.

I am not happy with the way i look, at least not most days. I am not very overweight, but i do need to lose 20 pounds or so. I don't eat red meat, and try to choose foods that are healthy, but not matter what i choose, the goal is to stop eating so much.

The factors of overeating along with no exercise, has now lead to health problems, which i know i can overcome if only i can motivate myself to change the way i eat, and the things i do within each day.

When my family reunion comes around next year, i want to be the new "old" me. I need tips and tricks to get myself jumpstarted, so that i can be on my way to a better me.

Here i am before i gained weight:

Now me:

So, today my quest begins, keep in mind it is only day 1 and i still have to decide how i am going to do this, but i am hoping 5 pounds a month is realistic.

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