Saving Tip of the Day

10:47 AM

Saving Tip of the Day

Yesterday i had a call, a friend had lost her job  and was in the process of starting a new job and she had to find more ways to cut back. She was worried that she had already cut back as much as she possibly could. 

The first thing i told her was can never stop finding ways to cut back and still have a nice quality of life. You can cut back in areas which you do not care that much about and give yourself the pleasure of a reward in many other areas.  we then proceeded to go over each area of her budget and i had her make a list of the 5 things in her life which she feels are important to her and another 5 things she considers "treats" for her and her family.

She says her husband loves steak and they try to eat it once a week and that was all he ever ask for in the sake of guilty pleasures. She says she spends around $22.00 per week on steak for her family....i was amazed, that is a lot for a family of 3 to spend just for 1 meal. However, no reason for them to give up that once a week guilty pleasure meal. Walmart carries a box of frozen steak, decent quality, 6 to a box for only $10, that is 2 weeks worth of steak, saving them $30 every 2 weeks, and she can marinate them and tenderize them if she wants to spice things up a bit, and at the end of each  mnth she has saved $60 which can go toward other things. They are rather small as far as steaks go, but add a mix of extra veggies or a side of pasta and it's a great meal. 

A great way to cut back on your grocery bill and still serve good, filling and healthy meals is to add more pasta or veggies to your dish. You can do this with every meal and even have 1 or 2 nights Meat free and cut back at least $20 or more per week. Soups and stews are great meals in which you can add little or no meat and still get lots of protein. Beans are a good source of protein, very cheap and can be added to most anything. 

My family loves soda, this is our biggest vice, so in order to afford the soda, i have cut back in other area's. 

So no matter how much you think you cannot find any other places to cut back, take a second look and truly see what you spend each week, what you feel is needed and what your 5 guilty pleasures are. there is no reason to give up everything you find enjoyable to just save money.

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