Woolite Extra Dark Care Review

4:47 PM

 I used to always think that Woolite was for delicates, until i had the opportunity to try Woolite Extra dark care. 
I decided to wash my favorites jeans in Woolite Extra Dark, and this was no minor thing because i have had these jeans for around 6 years and wear them a lot, so i was a little leary of how well the Extra Dark care would do.

I love it! My jeans not only came out of the wash looking Amazing and Soft, but they smelled wonderful! 
I love the fact that Woolite Extra Dark care will not cause fading or stretching and that it keeps colors sharp and vivid.

I had the opportunity to also give samples to friends and family , and they also came back with rave reviews. I would recommend Woolite Extra dark Care for all of your darker jeans and clothing, and i will continue to use it on a daily basis. we all know that on average i wash 4 loads per day for our large family, and i can't wait until Sports season starts back up so that i have the opportunity to use Woolite Extra Dark on all the kid's uniform's as well!

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