Life with a large family- Saving my Sanity

7:34 PM

My life with a large family.....and ways that i "save my sanity"

  When most people hear that we have 7 children, we get funny looks, insults, compliments and everything in between. I have had people come up to us in restaurants and compliment and praise us on how well behaved our children are....most saying that they were dreading it when they saw us come in the door. 

  Are my children perfect? Far from it, and everyday life brings something new our way. I do have to say, we are an "Electronic Gadget" family. In our house alone we have: 4 Xbox 360's, (3) Wii's, 3 laptops, a kindle fire, a tablet, Dsi, psp, 3 desktops, 7 cell phones, an Ipod touch .....and who knows what else. We also have a pool and a trampoline.....but everyday, i hear "i'm bored" ....

  Even with all of the electronic gadgets...we are still a well connected family. We eat dinner together every night, we have 1-2 nights per week where we play board games, and just last month we took our first ever true family vacation. All of my kids have a bedtime on school nights, even the 18 year old, i have to know where they are and who they are with at all times, and i have family locator on all the cell phones. You may say i'm over protective, that maybe i don't give my kids room to breathe...they are not allowed to have food in their rooms, they have chores after dinner every night....and have to have showers done before 8 pm.

  Now, most days, i love having a large family, but days like today, make me want to pull my hair out..It's been one of those days when they think it's okay to argue...with me, or do what they want even after being told's days like today that make me sit down and actually think about all those nice things people have said about my well behaved children, and remind myself, that not everyday will be a good day, nor will my kids always listen. 

 It's also days like today that make me thankful to be a mother, thankful for my 15 year old daughter, who although mentally disabled is in wonderful health, thankful that god has given me not 1 chance, but 2 to survive a  Heart attack so i can continue to raise my kids. 

So, this post is not about saving money...but about saving your sanity when you have kids. 

I am 36 and have 3 biological children and 4 step children. The oldest stepson recently told me i was going to be a the same time he also told me that even though we had our differences, i was the only true mother to him, and that this would truly be my grandchild....i cried. I cried for the words and feelings he spoke which made my heart happy, i cried for the difficulties he and his girlfriend will now have to face as young parents ( they are both 19) ....and i cried because deep down, it felt like all those days i cried from frustration truly had been okay, because my kids are doing okay.

My oldest son, who is 17, leaves for the Army in less than 10 months, it's always been his dream , more so after my nephew was killed in Iraq in 2005. It's a scary thought, because even though i, myself was in the Air Force, there was no war going on....and then to lose my nephew in the war makes my son leaving twice as hard....but i support him and i will continue to encourage him.

  In conclusion, my next "family" post on how i save my sanity will talk about the long road we have faced with my step-sons suicide attempt, drug abuse and the long road we travel.

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