More on my ordeal with Rooms To Go

11:23 AM

The Rooms To Go Saga continues....

Many of you have emailed me asking if anything ever happened with Rooms To Go, and sadly, i have to report, that things still stand as they did on Monday. I did, however, file a complaint with the BBB, and have forwarded the coupons and ad the someone higher up in the food chain.

I wish that i could report that they honored the coupon, but i truly do not expect that to happen, especially since it is now Thursday Aug 2 and the coupon in question expired on July 30.

I cannot even say i expect them to honor the coupon ever, because, first of all, they are corporate America, I am one little person, and in the end, 1 person will not make an impact on the business practices of luring people in. Could they surprise me? Yes. But i do not have high hopes of that actually happening.

I am a blogger, i blog about more than just saving money ( although my blog name would not seem so)My biggest Blog success has been in product review, i love being able to tell you all about my experiences with great companies, and yes, even in corporate America, and this is truly the one and only time i can say that not only am i not able to tell you about a great product ( because there is no product to speak about) but as it stands, i cannot recommend this company to you at this point in time.

I can say this, since i blogged about this ordeal on Monday, i have had a few large furniture companies step up and offer me FREE, yes FREE furniture if i will review it, speak of my experiences with their company and promote their social media. I am honored, and have not yet decided if i will take them up on the offer, because in all honesty, that was not what i was blogging about. To be honest , i guess once you find something you truly like, it is hard to think of getting something totally different.

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