Saving Money, living the good life

11:42 AM

Saving does not mean you have to give it all up....


I have people ask me on a daily basis how i can say i am saving money when i have some of the things i have....saving money does not you have to give everything up and only buy what's on sale.

For instance... if you have a grocery budget of only $100 for the week, and with coupons you are actually able to grocery shop for only $60.00, do you spend the rest just because you can ? Personally, i would take that $40 and put half of it back in to my budget for another week or another bill and take the other $20 and add it to my "splurge fund". In my splurge fund, i always have a goal of what i want to use it for and how much i need. This goal just makes me more determined to find ways to save on other items. If clipping 10 more coupons means i can save $10 more dollars, that's an extra $5 in my splurge fund.

Some things you just can't find a coupon for ,so you start your research...look for product reviews, online sales, visit the companies facebook or twitter, and then if you still decide you have to have that item and cannot find a deal for it....go back over the next week and read the reviews and at the end of the week, you should be knowledgeable as to the fact if it is truly what you want.

Currently, i am researching firepits, something i really want to add to my backyard before fall. I could easily find a cheap firepit which may last a year, but if i am going to use my splurge fund, i want to buy something that will look good, work well and be useful for a few years or more.

So, you see, you can still have the things you desire, but only if you are willing to work for them and save money in other area's. No need to eat steak every night of the week...have pasta one night!

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