What would you do?

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First of all, i want to start out by saying that while my page is all about saving money and bettering your lifestyle, it's also about family, friends and such. I hope my post does not offend anyone.

Last year, my son's High School wrestling team had what we thought was a great coach. We did fundraisers to the tune of almost $20,000...for middle and high school. The Middle School team was called a "club" and was separate from the High School team, yet we all did fund raisers together with the funds suppose to be split between the 2 groups. We also had to pay a fee of $300 or work off the fee...many of us ended up doing both.

Now....here comes the part where i get frustrated. The money just never seemed to be there, and when the coach was questioned by parents about funds and a few other things, he got defensive and would take it out on the kids. Then when that was brought to his attention, he just took it out on the parents, and alienated one set of parents totally. Many of us continued to hold out hope that he was going to change his ways, because as far as coaching went, he was a good coach. I made the mistake of believing most of what he was saying, well, maybe not believing, but giving him the benefit of the doubt. Finally, for me, things came to a head when we were at a fundraiser where we spend 2 straight days working around the clock well into the night each night, it was also the night many Middle School parents started to realize the same things we as high school parents had realized. I also had a child Wrestling in the Middle School Club as well. 
I had become some what friends with the coach, so i took it up on myself to ask to speak with him, and brought his actions all out in the open, we talked for over 2 hours and he had me believing that he knew he was wrong and that he was going to be a better role model and coach for our boys. he even made apologies to the boys regarding his actions ......a week later he resigned.

Now...here is where things get sticky, after he resigned, we found out that the High School program was not only broke, but in the hole almost $1600...and the Middle School club was no more..no Coach, no equipment, no money. we were able to document the funds we had raised which were right at $20,000....yet he had run everything through what he called the "club" so the high school could do nothing. 

We had to fight for our boys to get an end of year Banquet and we as parents, had to organize it ourselves. We went to the School System AD ( Athletic Director) with our findings, we went to the school Ad with our findings, and were told over and over how he would no longer be able to coach in our county even though they could not press charges against him.

Now, I am leaving out much of the story  and details, but i will say that as parents, we went to every person we could possibly think of and even the school knew something was off, because they ask for an audit and he could not provide receipts ( this happened before he resigned)

Now....we find out that he has been  hired at another High School in our district, which means he will be coaching a competing team and our kids will have to see him every time we Wrestle this team or at tournaments. What kind of message does this send to our kids? It's like the school system is saying it's okay to use, lie, steal and cheat...so today when i found out, i sent an email once again, and i ask to speak to the school board....what would you do?

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