90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

8:39 PM

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge
Over the past 18 months I have gained some serious weight, working from home allowed me to be home more, but it also allowed me the freedom to snack as often as I choose. Now, the hard part comes when I realize that the weight I have put on greatly hinders my abilities to be active as well as not being able to fit into the clothes I own.

Now, I have been given the opportunity through Creative Bioscience to lose this weight! Creative Bioscience is allowing me the opportunity to participate in their 90 day challenge. I am choosing to try the HCG drops http://www.hcg1234.com/. I chose this product because after reading the reviews and what the product entails, I feel it is the best fit for my goals.
 HCG 1234 is a dieting system that utilizes hCG drops in combination with a low-calorie diet plan to keep you on track and help you lose a lot of weight in very little time.

Creative Bioscience is offering this wonderful opportunity for other bloggers to try as well http://www.creativebioscience.com/contest_90_form.html .
I would also personally encourage my readers to join me in the 90 day challenge. I will update once a week with my progress and how I do each week. I did a lot of research before choosing the product to fit my lifestyle and truly feel that I have chosen the right product for me. I am excited and cannot wait to get started, and am excited that creative Bioscience has given me this opportunity!

Creative Bioscience also has a blog which carries so much useful and informative information which I encourage you all to take a look at. http://creativebioscience.com/blog/hcg-1234/

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