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5:40 PM

When i started blogging, i wanted my readers to get to know me, as a person, not just a keyboard behind a screen. I, as well, wanted to get to know my readers. I am a people person, i love interacting and getting to know people.

Today has been one of those days when you just need to share and reflect and say thanks for all that i have been given in life.  My cousin's nephew, as many of you saw by my post on facebook today, is clinging to life, battling cancer, he is only 13.....

My daughter, Meagan, will turn 16 on Saturday, and i want to tell you a little about her, she is the oldest girl and is a special needs child. She is my angel. Meagan has severe Apraxia and currently is learning at about a 3rd grade level, but she is super smart! She loves Music and can tell you almost any song on the radio and who sings it. She is in a wonderful Special Education class in High School ( 10 th grade) with some of the most amazing teachers that i have ever had the pleasure of encountering. Just because Meagan is a special needs child, does not mean she doesn't act like a teenager, let me tell you, she can have an temper tantrum  just like the other 6 kids in the house, but most people don't see that. what you see is Meagan, a beautiful 16 year old ( almost) with a heart of gold. Meagan hurts when others hurt, she gets upset easily when someone is in pain, even if she doesn't know them. She may not be able to explain to you how she is feeling, or why, and you may not understand her sometimes when she talks, but she pays attention to everything. If you lose or misplace something, just ask Meagan because chances are good that she will know exactly where you put it.

Meagan may not understand some things, but that does not make her any less...and everyday i worry...will someone pick on her today..she has feelings just like everyone else. i worry about her being a teenage girl with disabilities in today's society. She loves facebook, but i do check her facebook everyday and monitor her friends, etc.

Now, Meagan is asking for a Ipad....way out of my budget, but i know it would help her, so i am thinking more along the lines of a cheaper tablet...any ideas?

I guess the point of this is....special needs children and adult are just like everyone else...and deserve the same respect as anyone else. I was blessed to be given Meagan as a a gift and i love every second of her day!

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