10 things to Stockpile cheap in the next 2 months

8:18 AM

We always wonder what to stock up on throughout the year, well, here is a list of the top 10 items that freeze or keep well and that will go way below normal price in the next couple of months, so watch for any coupons coming out for items such as these and hang on to them until a sale comes around.

1.) Butter: It freezes well and will be on sale quiet often during the rush before the Holiday baking season, so save those coupons and stock up on as much as you can find afford and store.

2.) Sugar: Not just granulated sugar, but Brown sugar and Powdered sugar as well will drop well below normal price. We don't see many sugar coupons but when you do, grab extra or beg extra from your friends who don't use coupons because you will find a deal. Don't go crazy with these items, but if you do a lot of Baking, stock up on what you will use in the next few months.

3.) Crackers: Something we usually don't ever see a coupon for is saltine's, but they usually go bottom out at around .75 cents a box this time of year. I would not advise going all out, but if you eat lots of soups and such, stock up. Snack crackers also go on sale and you can usually find coupons for them, those are the ones you want to stockpile in a cool dry place for up to a year.

4.) Frozen Veggies: You sometimes see these as low as $1 a bag , but during Holidays they can fall as low as .50 a bag, so save all your frozen veggie coupons for the sale's , you can stockpile as much as you can safely store!

5.) Bacon: We have all heard tat bacon prices are going to sky rocket, but normally Bacon falls as low as $1.99 a pack this time of year, so be on the lookout, this may be your last chance to stock u before prices go sky high, and if so, buy as much as you can afford and freeze.

6.) Oil: During Holiday season Oil prices drop to the lowest you will see them all year, so any coupons you may find, hold on to because you can find some great deals. especially if you buy in gallons, because with the deep fried Turkey being so popular, the gallon jugs will go way below normal. Personally, I will stock up on the smaller sizes with coupons to maximize my savings.

7.) Poultry and Pork: Not only does Turkey go on sale, but Chicken and Pork do as well during the holiday season, and right after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to stock up wen you can find it as low as .40 cents a pound for chicken and pork. You can freeze this well !

8.) Storage Supplies: Ziplock, hefty, Aluminium foil, Saran wrap, you name it, they all go on sale, and we can always find coupons for these, so save your coupons and watch for the sales, it's the time to stock up.

9.) Cake Mixes: white, yellow and Chocolate are the go to for stock up this time of year, as the more Holidayish flavors go higher, the normal everyday flavors bottom out, and combine low prices with your coupons you can really get good deals, so don't just think about Holidays, consider upcoming birthdays, school events, bake sales, etc

10.) Canned Goods: Broths, soups,veggies,fruits and pie filling can go as low as half off during this time of year, and if you pay attention to expiration dates, you can really stockpile these items and make them last for up to a year in most cases. Save your coupons, watch those sale ads and get ready!

This is just a starter list of things to look for, coupons this time of year are usually the best, and you can find so many things to stock up on, so watch my page for anything I find not listed here and make the best use of your funds and coupons so you can save money all year long....think "vacation"!

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