ALDI to open on Emory Rd. in North Knoxville on Nov 1st

10:18 AM

First of all, i have to confess, i have never been to ALDI, and until yesterday had never tried any of the products ALDI has to offer. Not because i did not want to shop there, but because i never needed anything from the store when i was on that side of town. Laziness, yes maybe so.

I always see people talking about the great deals you can find on things at Aldi, and i always said that the next time i'm in that part of town i would stop. Now, i have no excuse, because i am excited to say that Aldi is opening a new store here in North Knoxville on Emory rd. and i have been invited to celebrate the Grand Opening with them on Nov 1st, 2012.  They also sent me a box of products for myself and my family to try and i must say, i have been missing out by not shopping at Aldi. 

The Moser Roth chocolate bar is to die for, so much for my diet because i could not eat just a small piece...i did share with the family, but it was a huge bar so we all enjoyed a taste ( or in my case 3 or 4) I was also impressed with the Fiber Bars, very comparable to those name brands you find in the bigger grocery store isles. we have not yet tried all of the products, but everything thus far has been great and i would buy it myself. I hear that they have the best produce prices around and i am excited to check that out because we go through on average, $20 a week in produce.

I can't wait to attend the Grand Opening on Thursday and update you all on the great deals i find ( i am going to enter all the contest too...i would love to be a winner lol) I hope to be able to sneak in a quick interview with some of the managers as well so that i can bring you all back the most informative information i can.

So stay tuned and if you have shopped at Aldi and have a product you really like, please share because i see a shopping trip in my future!

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