Beauty Box 5 Review

7:23 PM

I simply love trying new beauty products and finding the ones that work for me before i go out and spend tons of money on a product that i may or may not like.

I could randomly go search the web and various websites and stalk them on a daily basis to try to get a sample, or i could choose to subscribe to Beauty Box 5, where they take all the work out and yet i am still left with 4-5 samples each month for me to try.

My 1st Beauty Box 5 contained 4 high quality samples , my favorite of all was the eye tint cream which works amazingly with my skin tone and comes off easily with  LA Fresh waterproof makeup removed pads included in my box!

I also received samples of Evie Evan Vitamin cream  and dry shampoo. All the samples were amazing and well worth the small price of the subscription box.

Beauty Box 5 can be purchased as a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription at a very resonable price.

If ,like me, you enjoy the finer things in life at an affordable price, without spending hours and tons of money searching for just the right products for you, then give Beauty Box 5 a try.

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