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7:39 AM

Cleava....what comes to mind when you hear that word? cleavage...yep, you got it!

Being fairly large on top, cleavage is something i have plenty of, but at times, i prefer to keep it under wraps. I have so many shirts that i love to wear, but, places that they are not appropriate due to the amount of "cleavage" they show.

Now i have found a way to wear any shirt i like to any event i choose, all with The Cleava.

I have even found that Cleava works great under standard hoodie in which you can unzip partially and still make it seem as if you have a shirt on underneath without the added bulk, and it is a great Fall look! I tried the Cleava under a few different shirts just to see how it would hold up. It was so easy to attach and i could attach it without taking my shirt off and without any problems. The snaps stayed in place and never once came unsnapped.

You can be any "size" and still get the full benefits of Cleava, It is stretchy so anyone call use it.

The Cleava would be great to have on hand in your bag for instances where you just never know you need it unless you don't have it, so you would not be "caught" off guard.

The Cleava will also be included in my Holiday shopping guide which premiers on Nov 1, 2012.

You will get a first hand look at how i get to use my Cleava, and yes, i carry it in my bag!

               On Sale from $19.95 - $24.95 For a limited time Cleavas are on Sale at
                                                                             $10 off the MSRP is $29.95 to $34.95.

"Michelle De Sousa, the inventor of Cleava, is extremely confident that you are going to enjoy your Cleava so much that she is offering FREE SHIPPING. You will also receive THE 30 DAYS GUARNTEE. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Cleave you can return it within 30 days of your purchase. You have got absolutely nothing to lose, so why not give Cleava a try! You're gonna love 'em!"
Use code FSSFS for free shipping also!
Offer Expires:
Nov 4, 2012

Cleava is also giving one of my readers a chance to win their very own Cleava!

NOTE: Following Cleava on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and enrolling at has it's perks! But how?! By doing the previously mentioned requests you will receive exclusive inside information and deals that we send out. As well as, you will receive information on new Cleava colors/styles and news releases/sales/discounts, etc!

Just Remember: Cleava has you covered!

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