Conquering My fears

8:00 PM

We all have a hidden fear...or two or three..many times as we get older we conquer those fear's quiet easily.

Myself, i have several, but i guess my biggest one has come full force and i think it's time to conquer it.

When i was younger, being a "country girl" i loved to shoot. I was taught proper gun handling, how to shoot, and took all the safety courses i could. It was a passion and a sport i truly enjoyed. I loved to go to what we Southern folks call "Shooting matches" where the winner went home with a Country Ham or another prize. I usually always won in my age group.

When i was 16, i was accidentally shot with a small 25 calibur semi-automatic pistol. It was an accident and i won't go in to details,  but from that day forward, i have not actually fired a real gun. I don't mind being around them, and i don't even mind handling them, but i have not shot a gun at all.

Tomorrow, i plan to conquer that fear with Chris by my side. We are going to a local range ....if i can conquer this, i can conquer anything!

So stay tuned tomorrow as i hopefully have good news to share about conquering my fear!

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