Crave Box Review

7:42 PM

  I have to admit, my one truly guilty pleasure is reading. I love to immerse myself in a good book any time i can. I find myself picking up a book during breaks, lunch, after dinner, in bed, basically anytime i can find to carve out those few minutes for my guilty pleasure.

So you can imagine how excited i was when i got chosen to purchase this month's surprise Booklover's Box from CraveBox. This was my first Cravebox, and i wasn't sure what to expect, but i knew it couldn't be all that bad if it had a new book inside.

I was not disappointed! How often can you get a new release for $11, not ever for me, i can tell you that. Not only did my box contain the most amazing book that simply drew me in right from the beginning, but a few other wonderful surprises as well as you see in the picture.

How i came to Sparkle Again by Kaya McLaren is an amazing book which will take you through faith, love, loss, friendship and so much more. I laughed, i cried and i enjoyed each and every page of this amazing story.

I have to say, my first CraveBox will not be my last. They have some awesome upcoming boxes, so if  you have not joined and got in on the waiting list, you really should do so!

A few of the upcoming boxes:

The Coffee Lovers Box ( Another guilty pleasure in i have my fingers crossed that i get in on this one as well)

The New Moms Box

The Little Ones Box

The Beautiful By You Box

The Fall Subscription Box

The Winter Subscription Box

Now hurry on over to so you can get signed up and on the list for the Limited edition boxes as well as on the waiting list for the Subscription Boxes.

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