Do you truly want to save money?

8:08 AM

I hear it all the do you do it, how do you get all this stuff and save so much money?

It's because i faithfully clip my coupons, and i sign up for every offer i can!

I have an email address i use just for the things i sign up for, you never know what kinds of great coupons you can get in your email, which makes many things free or super cheap. Sure i spend money sometimes, but not unless it's a really good deal

I also offer you guys the same options i get when i post on my wall or here everyday, if i haven't tried it myself, i do not post it.

You could ask my kids or my neighbors....i get packages daily from UPS and USPS...and 90 % of the time, it is things i have gotten free just by signing up for offers. As a matter of face, Chris gets frustrated everyday because i am running out of room and started piling stuff on his desk, and i have have unopened packages as well..

When you sign up for these offers, don't think, oh, what's the point, i don't have money anyway, well, the point is, maybe today, maybe next month, a deal could come up which makes something totally free....and you get something for yourself or to use as a gift. I don't just think about Christmas when i get stuff, i think of birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, etc

Many of you ask, what do i personally get if you sign up, sometimes, i might make $0.25 or so if you sign up, but many offers are just that, offers that i have found, tried and found to be legit

So, if you TRULY want to save or even MAKE money, take advantage of all the offers i post, or the programs i sign up for. I am getting free stuff from companies everyday with some of these programs .

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