Holiday Gift & Food Guide

8:25 AM

Many of you have messaged me asking about the upcoming Holiday Gift and Food Guide.

Each guide will have a page dedicated to it and will contain the top products i have reviewed and feel like deserve a spot in the guide. The Gift Guide will contain products specific to gender and age and i will only have a small number in each category based on the companies i have chosen to work with that i feel will be a good fit. Not all Gift Guide items will have giveaways, but 90 % will.  I love working with good companies who value their product line and want consumers to see what they have to offer.

The Food Guide will contain recipes as well as single item foods that you can dress up for the Holidays. These food items will also be products that i have personally reviewed and tried and i will share each one with you along with recipes, ideas, etc. I am making a point to try new products to put in the guide and that can be quick and easy as well as Holiday dazzeled. 

The guides will go live on Nov 1, 2012. I am currently working on it on a daily basis and will be putting a lot of time and effort in to the guides. I am being very picky and choosy as to which companies i chose to work with based on my research as well.

So, stay tuned as i bring the the very best of the Holidays starting Nov 1st, 2012!

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