Holiday Hot List

7:39 AM

What items are on your Holiday Hot list?

Having 6 kids still at home, i start getting list around September every year, which changes at least 20 times before the Holiday depending on what they see they like in commercials, print, toy stores, etc.

This year, i am hoping to work with some wonderful reputable companies out there to bring you my top 20 Holiday toys and my top 20 Holiday gifts. 2 different list! I hope to have items for every budget, from big to small, something for all ages. 

What types of items are you looking for? what is your budget?

We have a set amount per kid ( not including stockings) that we spend and if the money allows, i also like to get 1 family gift that not even my husband knows about to surprise everyone with. Last year was a new T.V. for the family room.

We play a lot of Board games as a family, so i'm thinking along those lines for the family gift this year. I would love to hear your suggestions, do i get a game table, do i buy a few new games, what do you think?

In the next 2 weeks i will be contacting companies to talk with them about product reviews and giveaways for the Holiday Hot list...what i want to know from you is...what kinds of things would you like to see on the list , what companies do you think i should speak with?

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