How i got $63 in groceries for only $1.19

7:31 AM

Yesterday as i was browsing through the sales ad's, i spotted the Kroger ad as usual and started leafing through, and, i am the type of person who can just look at something and say "hey" i can get that for in 10 minutes i had thrown together a quick coupon trip to Kroger to see if my plan worked before i could share it.

Here is what  did:

11 boxes Betty Crocker Potatoes ( they were 10/$10 and i used (5) $1/2 coupons...) Kroger also has a sale buy 5 and save $5 on a future shopping trip

3 Hamburger Helper ( 3/$5, used (1) .75/1 coupon and these are also buy 5 save $5 on a future order)

4 Betty crocker fruit Snacks  ( use 2 4.50/2 coupons) also on the buy 5 save $5

2 General Mills Coco Puffs ( use (2).50/1 printables ) also on the buy 5 save $5

1 peter Pan Peanut butter ( used 1.00/1 from banquet tv dinner box)

5 clif Z fruit bars ( used (5) .50 off 1 which made them free after doubling to the cost)

5 crest toothpaste ( used 5) .50/1 whch doubled and made them free)

total before coupons was $63.87, total after coupons was $21.19

I got back 420 in catalina's for use on a future order as well as a coupon for a free box of idahoan potatoes.....which are on sale this week for $ total in all....all the above for only $0.19

i will go back again today and do it all over again, except i have to add normal groceries in the mix, so my saving will not be as high, but i am saving my Catalina's for next week so hopefully the sale's are just as great!

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