Juvenile Diabetes

7:33 AM

Just recently, my very good friend's 17 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. It came on suddenly and was and is such a scary thing for the entire family.
He was and is a very active 17 year old, playing sports, doing all the things teenagers do, so it was such a shock when this came on out of the blue.

It's hard for me to see my friend going through so many different emotions with this and knowing that her son is going through so very much.  He is a junior in High School and now has to go through so much each and every day.

When i heard, i started researching Juvenile Diabetes, and was amazed to find out that it is a disease which does not get very much attention nor do many people even think about it when they think of childhood diseases.

Living with T1D is a constant challenge. People with the disease must carefully balance insulin doses (either by injections multiple times a day or continuous infusion through a pump) with eating and daily activities throughout the day and night.  They must also test their blood sugar by pricking their fingers for blood six or more times a day. Despite this constant attention, people with T1D still run the risk of dangerous high or low blood sugar levels, both of which can be life-threatening.  People with T1D overcome these challenges on a daily basis.

My friend wants to help her son and her entire family all to get healthy while maintaining normalcy within their family. This just happened last week, so it is all still very new to them.

I wonder, do any of you have any recipes you can share with her, any ideas on things that he can take for lunch at school. I know the research and recipes are out there, but wouldn't it be nice if some of you actually had first hand knowledge that you could share with her?

So let's put our head's together and see what you all have to share!

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