Krave Jerky Review & Giveaway

5:27 PM

Mmmmmm….you have not truly tasted Jerky until you have tried Krave Jerky. It is seriously delicious!

Krave Jerky is an All Natural jerky made from the finest ingredients and comes in 8 different flavors. I had the opportunity to try 5 flavors : Chili Lime, Lemon Garlic, Sweet Chipolte,Smoky Grilled Teriyaki and Garlic Chili Pepper.
I love the fact that Krave Jerky is not just beef, they have Turkey And Pork as well.
Previously, when I thought of Jerky, I thought of tough as leather, hard to chew processed over dried meat. Krave jerky has totally changed my option of Jerky. Not only is it moist, it is tender and very flavorful.
"KRAVE’s well-seasoned meat is braised first, utilizing the “low & slow” method to result in its signature moist and tender texture."
I was totally surprised when reading the ingredients on the bags of my Krave Jerky, as I am big on nutrition, I was not expecting to find such a high nutritional value in these generous bags of Krave.
My favorite was the Sweet Chipolte beef jerky, but everyone in my house had a different opinion of which one they preferred. All the flavors were great, no one had a single complaint about any flavor we tried.
This jerky is perfect for my kids as well, who are always on the go and active in sports. It provides the nutrition they need while also giving them flavors they love without the teeth jarring effect regular jerky has.

I encourage you to visit KraveJerky and see what wonderful flavors they have and read about how the company came about and what goes in to each piece of mouth watering jerky you taste.

I think this would be the perfect snack ,especially if you have kids and definitely during the Holidays. This would be great to have on hand for those unexpected or expected Holiday gatherings. I plan to have some around also in case I need a quick last minute gift or snack to take in to a Holiday party.
Krave also gives you the opportunity to try out their different flavors each month with their Krave Klub, which allows you to choose 5 different flavor bags each month for only $30.00 with free shipping. For inspiration, KRAVE Klub members also receive an exclusive newsletter featuring all things jerky, from recipes (think: compound butters and meatloaf!) to wine pairings and cocktail recommendations (think: the new complement to your Bloody Mary!)
Krave has generously offered my readers a chance to win their very own sample box of Jerky.

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