"Shopping Monster" ...it's that time of year

8:54 AM

Brrrr.....it's cold outside! I love fall, such a beautiful time of year, yet, in my opinion, Tennessee is beautiful any time of the year. last year, we barely saw snow flakes here in East Tennessee, so i hope we At least get enough snow to build a snowman this year.

Fall makes me want to cook...clean ..and shop! I love to shop year around, don't get me wrong, but there is just something about fall that bring out that "shopping monster" in me.
The kids start giving me Christmas list and i start making one of my own. I start thinking of how to decorate for the Holidays and what i need to buy to decorate. I have decided since this is my oldest last Christmas at home before he leaves for the Army in June, that i will go all out, i will make it a Holiday season to remember about family and love and just tis the season. 
Now, gifts....yep i will be a "shopping monster once again. It's always fun to shop for the kids even as they get older. I do a lot of my shopping online and the UPS guys know me by name and are usually at my house 4-5 times per week...i can't imagine what they think about me. 
Shopping online is a wonderful thing, but nothing beats walking in to the stores and seeing all the beautiful displays, the Holiday music and the hustle and bustle. Usually Chris & I take a full weekend before Christmas and get a sitter for the day and finish up our shopping for the kids and have lunch or dinner just for us, which is a treat because we just don't go out much. 

I can't wait to open up my Holiday Gift and Holiday Food/beverage guide for you guys on Nov 1. It's so exciting!

Another thing i love about Fall is Apples...fried Apples, Baked Apples, Apple Butter, anything apple, i love it. Weird thing....i'm not a big fan of just eating a plain ole Apple, i like mine all decked out and spiced up, but Apples are delish year around.

Fall also makes me homesick. I start thinking about all the Bonfires and fun i used to have when i lived in a small town. the family get togethers, and how the kids all knew each other and played together. Here, i have no family , but am fortunate to have great friends, but i have to say, there is no place like home!

What is your favorite thing about Fall? Do you have a family tradition?

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