This upcoming week in review....SURPRISES GALORE

7:35 AM

Time to start you engines fans!

Starting today i will be reviewing tons of nifty products for the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. From big budgets to small budgets, plenty to choose from when making your gift selections. Also, giveaways galore between now and Christmas to make your Holidays happier!

Also, over the next few weeks i will be switching the blog to a dedicated host as it has grown so much in the past 6 months that it has become necessary. So if problems occur, please bare with me as we will be working as fast and efficiently as we can and plan to keep this one up and running right up until the new site is live so that you can all still enjoy the deals, giveaways and random ramblings of me!

Also, starting today, i will do a fan of the week, i would like to showcase 1 fan each week and reward them with a prize from my stash.

I will also be adding a winners page today, so that if you have missed who won, you can check in and have a look, maybe it was YOU!

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