Trashcan Blogging

7:19 AM

What is trashcan blogging you ask?

Well...that is what i do!

I do love to save money, and that is what my blog started out being all about, but as things have evolved, i have found that  have a niche for just general topics that go all over the place.

Product reviews are a biggie for me, i love to try new things, write about them and share with  my readers. That's why i am so excited about my upcoming Holiday Gift Guide and Holiday Food guide. Everything that will be featured in both guides will have a giveaway associated with it that the companies have so graciously provided and the guide will begin on Nov 1, 2012.

I have also been blogging about my 90 day weight loss challenge with HCG 1234 drops from This week i am only down 1 pound more than last week, but i have had hurdles as i was sick and had to deter from the plan for 4 days, so i am just happy to have lost 1 pound at all.

I also started Chantix yesterday to stop smoking, This by far, is the most important thing i have ever done for myself and i have high hopes and will power and believe this will be just the time. I have set my official quit date for Nov 20, bare with me as i take on this monster that has been a part of my life since i was 16.

On that note, Happy Oct 15 and  look forward to the week ahead.

I can't wait to share how i got $63 n groceries for only $1.19 yesterday at Kroger!

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