Week 1 of my 90 day Weight Loss Challenge with HCG 1234 drops

9:08 AM

Today is the official 7th day of my 90 day Weight Loss challenge using creativebioscience.com HCG 1234 drops.

I have to be totally honest and say that i have not followed the diet exactly to the letter. I do not think my body could function on only 500 calories per day. I have dropped down to 1200 per day, but you can also choose to do the 500 or 800 calorie per day plan for faster weight loss. I find that hardest thing to give up has been Soda, and that has been my cheat, i still have 1 soda a day.

I do feel healthier, and less hungry as each day my body adjust to this new way of eating. I have had a lot of apples and cabbage this week, and not eating red meat myself, a lot of chicken ( you can eat red meat on this plan, i just don't)

However, even with drinking my 1 a day Soda.....i am down 4 pounds today from when i started 7 days ago. I am trying to lose 25 pounds total. So, if i continue on this route i could be down those 25 pounds in 6 and a half weeks. Then i would start my stabilization phase where i start adding foods back in, which would be right around the holidays, so i would not feel as if i was missing out.

So far, the one thing that bothers me though, is that i do not have a lot of energy, i start off strong but by mid afternoon i am wiped out. I tend to think it is because being such a picky eater, i tend to eat the same foods over and over, even though i could have other foods and my body just doesn't have the fuel it needs to stay strong, so starting today, i am going to bite the bullet and add a few more of the food choices in.

The plan tells you not to exercise or if you do, very mild to moderate exercise, i think that would be because you are not taking in very many calories and if you over exert yourself it could cause issues. For me, just taking care of 6 kids plus the other half, gives me plenty of exercise, haha.

Also, my days are long, usually resulting in 18-19 hours per day with very little sleep, so i find it hard to spread my calories out throughout the day to make the fuel last. That will be something else i will start working on this week.

Overall, after 1 week on the Hcg 1234 drops, i am pleased that i have lost 4 pounds.

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