Barrier Eco Water Pitcher Review & Giveaway

12:22 PM

  I am not a big fan of Tap water, personally, it always has a "funky" taste where i live.

Most weeks I end up buying on average 2 cases of bottled water because in our family we drink a lot of water.

DormCo recently sent me a Barrier Eco Water Filtration Pitcher to try out. I have tried other Filtration Pitchers before but they have all seemed bulky and take more time and effort than I care to give. I'm not saying that I'm lazy, but I am super busy and usually do not have the time to spend 20 minutes getting water ready to drink.

I have a small dorm sized fridge that I keep in my office, so I wanted a Water Filtration Pitcher that would fit  comfortable in it  without taking up too much space. The DormCo Barrier Eco Water Filtration Pitcher was the perfect fit.

It took less than 5 minutes for me to get the Pitcher out and ready to fill with water. Once filled, I put it right in the fridge so that I could get it as cold as I like before drinking. 

Once I poured myself a glass of water from the Barrier Pitcher, I was impressed with the taste. It no longer had the "funky" tap water taste that my tap water has and the water was very clean. It did not leave a charcoal taste or any lingering after taste like some Filtration Pitchers do.

I now use my Barrier Eco Water Filtration Pitcher from Dormco on a daily basis without any problems. This would make a great gift for any College student or any office. 

Dormco also carries a  full range of products designed to help simplify college living,from Dorm trunks to laundry products, you can find all types of items for the college student on your Christmas Gift list. is graciously offering of my readers a
Barrier Eco Water Filtration Pitcher of their own


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