Black Friday Shopping

6:50 AM

 I know everyone gets all excited when they think about Black Friday shopping, but personally, I cringe. Doesn't mean i'm not going to be out there like everyone else, it just means Black Friday is not something I personally look forward too, especially now that most stores are starting on Thanksgiving night.

I value Thanksgiving. I love the time I get to spend with my family, the games we play, the food we eat and most of all just the chance to spend quality time with those I don't see very often. This year, I am dreading the thought of leaving early just to make the 3 hour trip back home to be shopping at 8p.m.....stores have made it like Thanksgiving no longer counts and that is sad.

So, why am I actually going to shop on Thanksgiving? Like lots of other people, I welcome the thought of saving hundreds of dollars. I have all these kids and electronics are high on the list with them, which means , I'm right there in the crowd of everyone else trying to save money. I don't thrive on it, i don't look forward to it, but instead see it as a necessary evil in which I must complete the task.

So what are your plans? Will you be in the crowds on Thanksgiving or home in your comfy bed after spending a wonderful day with family?

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