Brownie Brittle Review & Giveaway

7:47 PM

Do you smell the brownies? Mmmmmm....they smell so good!

Wait, that isn't Brownie's it's Brownie Brittle and it is so yummy!

I had the chance to try a Sampler pack of Brownie Brittle. Now, first of all, I have to tell you about my obsession with brownies, yes obsession. I love brownies, plain and simple.

Brownie Brittle Sampler (3 Pack) Doesn't it look divine! I can tell you that all 3 flavors I tried were most delicious and if I had to choose a favorite then it would be a hard choice but I think I would go with Traditional Walnut.
The Brownie brittle has just the right crunch, not chewy and not so brittle that you have to break a tooth to eat it. As most of you know, I am not big on sharing sweet stuff with my kids. I feel like a Hoarder when it comes to sugary goodness because I don't allow much sugar in our home unless it's hidden away in my secret place, but, I did in fact share a few bites with the kids and I can tell you that that absolutely loved it.

The Chocolate Chip was the favorite of my kids, they said it was like Brownie surprise and wanted to know if i could make it, at that point, I had to laugh because i am not known for my ability to bake, but i am considering buying some more as stocking stuffer for them.

The Toffee was awesome as well and had just the right taste to it. I love the crunch and the toffee taste together. Werthers has nothing on Toffee flavored brownie Brittle I tell ya!

Brownie Brittle has graciously offered one of my readers a chance to win a sample pack for themselves.

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