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I am always searching for new seasonings and sauces to turn the same boring dishes in to something new and creative that my family will eat.  I buy a lot of Boneless Pork Loin because I can usually find it on sale, but it gets harder and harder to make it in to something “new”, the same with chicken and beef as well. On any given evening you can find me throwing spices, seasonings, salad dressing, whatever I can find in to a bowl to make a new taste.

I am always hesitant to buy marinades and such because they are the same ole flavors, and they really don’t vary much by brand. Now…here comes Country Bob’s.

Country Bob’s most popular sauce is the original All Purpose sauce, which I had never experimented with before. So out comes my boneless Pork Loin and the All Purpose Country Bob’s sauce.  The pork Loin was thick so I cut a slice right down the middle where I poured in my Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce…and put my Pork Loin in the oven to slow cook…within an hour the smells coming from my kitchen made my mouth water. I just knew this was going to be a winning sauce for us if it tasted as good as the smells coming out of the oven.

I was not to be disappointed. The savory flavor was more than I had bargained for and it was delicious. It was a mix of sweet yet tangy and the meat was flavored just right. My Pork Loin was a huge hit with my family and I know now, it will be a hit at my Holiday gathering.  My kids said it was probably the best tasting sauce I had used so far. Score 1 for Mom!
Country Bob’s also has several other flavors such as Honey habanero, Apple chipotle and BBQ, as well as Seasoning salt. I can’t wait to try them all, I am sure they will be a hit just like the Original was.

Country Bob’s has graciously offered one of my readers’s some Country Bob’s Sauce of their own!

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I was not paid for this review. Country Bob’s provided the product for the review but all opinions are my own

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