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2:27 PM

I'm beginning to feel like Cravebox was made just for me.

Last week I received my Cooking Light Selects Cravebox, and as usual,I was anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

I was almost certain it could not top my Book lover's Cravebox , but imagine my surprise when I opened up the box!

Who wouldn't want to know what was inside this beautiful box..I couldn't decide, do I just open it up and start rummaging, or should I gradually take each item out piece by piece and savor each and every goody I received? It was like Christmas, where I wanted so badly to just tear in to it but at the same time I wanted the Ultimate "ahhhh" experience with each item.

I bet you are wondering, why doesn't she tell us what was inside already, but that's the joy of it, the surprise factor with each Cravebox.

Now, before I tell you what was inside, I will tell you a bit about Cravebox . If you have not signed up with them, you need to do so. They have different boxes that randomly come out, filled with goodies that you just cannot resist and  if you are interested in being considered for one of the boxes, you sign up for the drawing. If you are chosen they will email you and let you know . It's actually really simple and you will not be disappointed.

Now, to share what was in my Cooking Light Selects Cravebox this month.

So much yummy goodness!

The box contained Torani Sugar Free Salted  Carmel Syrup, which was my favorite by far because I go nuts over anything Carmel. I had never had Torani before either and i am loving the taste. So far, I have only used it in my coffee, but I can't wait to try it out in the Banana bread recipe that was included.

My Cooking Light Selects Box also included 3 different kinds of Dole Fruit Crisp , a box of nectresse, which I love, a bag of Tully's Coffee , 2 McCormick Seasonings and a slew of recipes and coupons as well as a guide from Torani which list how to make hundreds of different drinks with Torani syrups.

Tonight we will be trying the Garlic & Herb Lemon Chicken with the McCormick seasoning, using the recipe included, and I can't wait. It makes my mouth water just reading the recipe.

So hop on over to Cravebox and get signed up, they have several new boxes coming out such as : The Coffee Lover's Cravebox, The Dog Lover's Cravebox, The Holiday Spruce Up Cravebox , The New Moms Box and The Little Ones Cravebox.

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