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6:39 PM

It's a funny thing, we interact with each other everyday and I know, that for me, It's always fun to know who I am interacting with.

So, tonight I wanted to take some time and tell you all a bit about me and in turn, I hope you will share something about you if you feel comfortable. I don't want this to just be a "blog" but a place where we can all feel like part of a family or group per say.

First, My name is Bridget, but my friends call me Brie. I am a 36 year old Mom to 7. Three  of the 7 are my biological children but to me, they are all mine. My husband and I live in Knoxville, Tn with our children. 

I started couponing for many reasons, mainly because with such a large family, I knew I had to find a way to make it work for us. Hence, after 2 years of couponing, Savings For Sanity was born. The savings part obviously to save money and the sanity part to do with having 7 children.

We own a small family business and I work full time in the business which takes up about 50 hours per week on top of being a Wife, mother, maid, cook , taxi and Blogger.

My children range in age from 8 to 20 and we have our first Grandchild on the way due in March. I have had a few Heart attacks and 2 heart surgeries in the past 4 years and everyday is a lifestyle change for me. For now, I am healthy and happy and intend to stay that way!

I love being a Blogger, it's something I have wanted to do for a year or so and I finally took the plunge. I am still learning, I don't think I will ever stop learning, but I want to make my Blog something great.  It doesn't have to be the biggest or even the best, as long as to some of you, I can make a difference.

I love bringing you ways to save, and that does not just mean coupons. If I find a great deal, I like to share with you all, be it on Amazon, an email sign up for free credit or just something that makes you go "ahh" . I want to help you plan for meals, vacations and everything in between.

I have 2 boys graduating in May of 2013. I never realized being a Senior was so expensive, so right after Christmas, I will start finding deals on Senior invitations, and everything I can for graduation.

Equally, I am also scouting for deals on anything and everything baby. It's taken awhile to get excited about being a Grandmother at 36, but the baby is coming and I need to make the best of it and I am excited to see him join our family. Our oldest son and his fiance will be great parents and are working hard and making it on their own, so I can't complain, and to be honest, I am very proud of them because they work so hard :)

So, have a seat, grab a cup of coffee and tell me something about yourself 

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