How do you "Save your Sanity"?

7:52 AM

It always seems that each year we all get caught up in the Hustle and Bustle of the Holiday and get stressed out, harried and overall exhausted.

We stress over money, bills, gifts and all that goes a long with the season. Yes, even I get stressed at this time of year, but I have made a goal this year to stay as stress free as possible. easier said than done.

Keep in mind, we have 6 kids still at home to do Christmas for as well as our oldest and his family, and  next year they will have a new baby to add to the mix.

My original plan was to start doing meals I could freeze in larger quantity, as of yet, that has not happened but I still have hope because Dec 1st is not here yet.

My outside decorations that I decided to do for the first time....still in the back of my Suburban but they will be put up this weekend because my wonderful husband finally agreed to get on the roof to place my sleigh and reindeer :)

So, how am I really "Saving my Sanity" this season?  I have decided that the small things won't get to me, I will do what I can, when I can . Family comes first, then my business and then my blog. I have found a way to make time for all the above. So what if I miss a day sweeping or vacuuming, I realize my house does not have to be cleaned daily, as long as we all do our chores after dinner, it never gets too bad and I can live with it being cleaned every other day. 

Sandwiches for dinner? Never happened in our home, unless I am away, but it will be happening at least once a week now, if they can't eat a sandwich they can find something they can make and clean up themselves. I know family meals and meal time are important, but cooking 7 nights a week has gotten old and time consuming. 

Laundry is a daily thing in our home with so many people, but I have decided that 1 day a week, I will not touch it. If they have to have a favorite outfit, then they better hope it gets washed before the day I choose to take time off. 

I have also vowed to take a nap 1-2 days per week just because I can but I guess we will have to see how that works out.

So, I wonder, how do you "Save your Sanity"?

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