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Katoj Monogrammed Jewelry is more than just a piece of jewelry.

How would you feel about a piece of Handcrafted, hand stamped jewelry that also helps to fund finding a cure for cancer?

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Before i began to explain, i am adding an insert from katescure:

Hi! I’m Kate and my mom owns katoj (Kate And Thomas Online Jewelry). I’ve started my own line of katoj called Kate’s Cure to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. My mom had cancer when she was pregnant with me and has had it twice since. I would like to do what I can to help all those with cancer and to help find a cure so no one else has to go through it. I am stamping HOPE necklaces and adding different colored gemstones depending on the type of cancer you or someone you support has. Each necklace is sterling silver and hand stamped by me. A $55 value, we are giving a necklace to anyone who donates $20 or more to Kate’s Cure. 100% of profits will go to the Cancer Research Institute, which funds scientists to help find a prevention and cure for cancer. These make excellent gifts while helping a great cause.

I find this young lady inspiring. I recently had a situation that touched my heart , my cousin's nephew found his angel wings just last month after 3 years of childhood cancer. He was only 13 years old. He became an inspiration to so many.

I have also had 2 Aunts and an Uncle to pass away from cancer, had a cure been found or more research done, we may still have them with us today.

Now, I have the opportunity to sample Katoj.com Jewelry and I was awestruck at the fine hand crafted quality in the piece. You can choose from many designs on www.katoj.com and find more inspiring messages from Kate at  Katescure

Just think about how you could give a piece of jewelry as a gift for the Holidays while at the same time helping to fund a cure for cancer.

I can't think of a better cause than this.

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