Magna Play Magnetic Travel Coloring Set Review & Giveaway

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Magna Play Magnetic Coloring Travel Set

Each week I travel on average of about 500 miles and always with my kids. I always have a hard time trying to come up with different things to keep the youngest occupied in the car while I drive. I frequently hear “I’m bored” and “Are we there yet?”

Even in the electronic age we live in now, my daughter quickly gets bored with the Kindle and I find myself getting frustrated because it’s hard to pay attention to the traffic on the interstate while trying to play “road games” and I end up with a death grip on the wheel. 

Coloring books and Crayons are great but they cannot compare with the Magna Play Magnetic Coloring Travel Set. The Set comes with :
1 MagnaKase - Magnetic Dry Erase Activity case with 2 magnetic surfaces.
· 8 Reusable Color and Erase (8" X 10") pages. Option to buy either the Search-A-Word coloring puzzle or What"s Wrong with this Picture Coloring Puzzle sheets. These sheets do not come with magnet strips fixed to them. THESE COLORING SHEETS SHOULD BE USED ONLY WITH DRY ERASE MARKERS. Crayons can also be used to color these sheets.

· 2 double-sided magnet strips (8" X 1") that secures coloring pages to the magnetic activity surface, for coloring with crayons, color pencils or markers while on the go.

· BIC dry erase, low odor markers 4 count (black, blue, red, green colors). The fine tip markers are ultra low odor, non-toxic and is washable off of skin with soap and water. The markers have a Vented safety cap, Anti roll cap and Extended cap Off formula.

· 1 Felt eraser. The 2" x 1 3/8" x 11 1/16" eraser is made from recycled wood and is virtually indestructible. 

The MagnaKase is a case with magnetic receptive surfaces that serve as an activity board.

 The MagnaKase does not contain magnets and metal objects will not stick to the magnetic surfaces.
 MagnaPlay Magnetic Coloring Travel Set

On our last trip, which was 4 hours round trip, I took the MagnaKase with us and as soon as my daughter got bored with the Kindle, I was able to pull the MagnaKase out and let her give it a try. I fully expected to hear the “I’m Bored” within minutes. However, to my surprise, after 5 minutes of constant chatter about how cool it was, she got right to work on the coloring sheets. 

Of course, after each sheet, she wanted to show me her creations, but in my best “mom” voice, I explained to her that while driving I couldn’t look right then but that if she would put them in her MagnaKase, I would happily take a look at the masterpieces when we arrived back home.

Not only was she happily occupied throughout the rest of our trip, she was able to keep everything together and put it all right back in the MagnaKase for the next trip.

Magna Play’s products are all also eco-friendly and use the “write-on, wipe-off” which eliminates paper.

MagnaPlay also offers many other wonderful products including wooden Magnetic toys and many Educational activity sets.

The Magna Play Travel Coloring set is currently on sale for only $30 on the MagnaPlay website, but one of my lucky readers will win a MagnaPlay Travel coloring set of their own

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