My Aldi experience- A must read!

10:17 AM

Aldi Grand Opening

As most of you know, I am a loyal Kroger shopper and not much could drag me away from that. I usually have 1 rule when shopping for groceries and that is, the store must accept coupons. I never enter a grocery without my coupon binder.
This morning I attended the Grand Opening of Aldi on Emory Rd. in Knoxville. I had never shopped Aldi before and was excited to see how they compared to other retailers, especially since they do not accept coupons. 

Wow! Upon entering the store , even though it seems small at first, I was impressed with the variety they offered and especially the prices. Where else could you find egg's for only $0.69 per dozen? 

I was impressed with the staff as well. The General Manager  was very informative, knowledgeable and helpful as I ask questions and walked through the store, as were the other employee's. I loved the overall layout and look of the store also. 
Aldi challenges customers to switch from National brands to its exclusive brands to see how they can save up to 50 %. 

A few of the major price comparisons I found just upon a quick walk through were of course, the egg's. At $0.69 cents per dozen, that is a normal savings for me of $0.40 or more each and considering that in my family we average 3 dozen or more egg's per week, that is a savings of $62.40 per year just on egg's. 

In the produce section I found Mushrooms for $0.79 per carton, i usually pay $1.99 per carton at other store's, and buy 2 carton's per week, that saves me another $128.80 per year. apples were $2.99 per bag, I normally buy 1 bag a week at $4.49, that is yet another $78.00 per year. 
Our Wrestling team goes through many bags of Bagels per week, I cannot say an exact number because it varies by how many matches we have each week, but i can say that on average we will now save $1.00 per bag of Bagels, and when you are on a limited budget to feed a bunch of hungry boys who are in such an intense sport and need the calories, that makes a huge difference.

I also sampled many of the products Aldi had and was surprised to find they taste as good as National brands, especially the 100 calories snacks!

The prices on the paper goods, pet food and household items as well were very competitive and I will be purchasing some of those also.

The new Aldi store on Emory Rd. will from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday -Saturday and 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Sunday.
Aldi has more than 1,200 stores located in 32 U.S. States. I am told they hope to expand in our area to the Oak ridge market in the near future.
I will be going back to Aldi this afternoon, armed with a shopping list and cannot wait to see my savings and share more with you!

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