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dbestproducts.net- Smart Cart Review & Giveaway

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Smart Cart, Smart Pockets….genius idea and possibly the most handy thing I have ever used.

So what exactly is a Smart Cart and what are Smart Pockets?
The Smart cart is this Little 3 pound cart which folds up and can fit almost anywhere. 
When unfolded, it can hold up to 110 pounds and it has rollers. It will fold flat to fit in your trunk, under your bed or a closet. Not only is it a space saver, it also has an expandable handle.

I have had many times when I just wished I had something like this, especially recently at a Food Show when I just knew my arms were going to hurt for days from carrying around all those heavy bags. I wish I would have had my Smart cart then!

When I knew my smart Cart was on the way I was thinking of exactly how I would use it, and I had numerous ideas running through my head. 

You can use the Smart Cart in so many ways, you can use it at Flea Markets, farmers Markets, Craft Fairs, even grocers like Sams club and Aldi.  

 What I have actually ended up using it for surprised even me.
My son is a High School Wrestler, most weekends during season, we spend all day at Tournaments. We, as parents, not only supply the food for the boys to eat, but we normally bring food for ourselves and our other children as well as things to keep everyone occupied throughout these long days. 
Normally, I carry a reusable shopping bag that I have to tote around. This past weekend I decided to take my Smart Cart with the Smart Pockets from dbestproducts.net.
I loaded the cart up, juice boxes, lunchables, snacks, notebooks, activities, water bottles and so much more. I can’t believe how much easier this made my day. 
I was not only able to fit all I needed in the cart, but it was so portable that my 10 year old rolled it and I was able to keep everything in one spot all day.

  • dbestproducts also carries  an entire line of Bigger Smart Carts, Smart pockets, Quik carts, Roller carts and unique storage, hardware gadgets, beauty gadgets and Toys and novelty gifts. They were recently featured in Woman’s World Magazine as well.

dbestproducts is graciously offering one of my readers a Smart cart of they’re own.
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dbestproducts.net provided the Smart cart with Smart Pockets for my review. I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

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