Savings Fail.....:(

8:01 PM

Everyday I blog about ways to save money and how much I love saving for the things in life that we enjoy.

Today, I had a savings fail...sadly...yes, it's true, I really did.

Yesterday I was tested and confirmed positive for Influenza A ( better know as the Flu). Now we all know that no cure is known for a virus, but there are drugs on the prescription market that can greatly help stop the progress and hopefully prevent further complications.

So, my doctor prescribed Tamiflu, called it in and I waited patiently at home for a call from Kroger to pick up my prescriptions. Instead I get a call from Kroger stating my insurance did not cover this drug or any like it. No generics for this I'm told. So I ask, how much? Can you believe $138 for 10 little pills. I discussed this with the Pharmacist and my Doctor to see if it was really necessary only to be told it was probably the only thing that may prevent other complications because of some recent health issues I have had.

So....sad to say, I have had a savings fail while the drug companies once again make a ton of money, so Thank you to the Drug Company who makes Tamiflu...that money came directly from the money we had saved to get through the Winter and Christmas.

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