Thermal-Aid Review & Giveaway

8:27 AM

 It's truly been one of those weeks at my house.

Mom is always the one on top of things, never getting a sick day or time out, but this week was different, but I can't say I enjoyed it much.

What started out as what I thought was simple cold was actually diagnosed as the Flu. You know , that nasty virus that runs rapid and can really get you down? Yep, that was me. Fever, Aches, pains, chills, I had them all. Literally everything ached, so I pulled out my heating pad and as I started to plug it in, I remembered that I had just received an All natural Heating pack from Thermal-Aid.

I received the Medium Sectional Thermal-Aid as well as the Child Hippo. I got the Medium Sectional out and proceeded to follow the heating directions, and within minutes I could feel the aches and pains slowly going away.  

I did not have to worry about adjusting the Temperature up or down or getting to hot or not hot enough, the Thermal-Aid simply worked like it was suppose to and I was finally getting some relief that nothing else was helping with.

Thermal -Aid can be heated or cooled easily in the microwave and freezer. 

I know the Thermal-Aid will now be my go to when my back gets me down. I have had 2 compression fractures and 2 bulging disk in the last year and i frequently need heat in the mornings to relieve the pain before starting my day and ice at night to relieve the swelling. No more plugging in the heating pad or messy ice packs!

Thermal-Aid” is a  100% natural therapeutic heating/cooling treatment pack and a very effective pain reliever. The packs are very affordable, re-usable and even washable. I was surprised to see how the Thermal-Aid was created. They actually use corn. A specialized process where they remove the germ from the corn which in turn prevents Fungi and mold and helps the corn to heat evenly and retain heat and cold longer than most other products.

As with most Viruses, my kids got sick as well. So out comes Happy the kids Thermal-Aid!

Happy is part of the Thermal-Aid Zoo Collection for kids and he is simply adorable!
My daughter said her chest hurt, so I heated up Happy and told her to cuddle him to her chest and he would make her feel better, and that's exactly what happened and she was able to fall right asleep with Happy happily heating up and helping her to sleep.

Thermal-Aid has 5 different sizes for Adults and all are priced very competitively , as well as a full line of Zoo, Bears and Pets for Kids.  The price of an adult Thermal-Aid is priced lower than some plug in heating pads and you can re-use it over and over, as well as use it for an ice pack, which eliminates the need to have 2 separate products on hand.

Thermal-Aid is giving one of my readers a Thermal-Aid of their own!

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 I received no compensation for my review. Thermal-Aid provided the product by the opinions and statements made are my own.

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