Flash Giveaway- 3 Winners

6:59 AM

I really wish I had something nice to giveaway to each and every one of you. I always feel guilty when I can only give 1 prize out to one person.

Today's Flash Giveaway will have 3 winners. The prizes are not huge but they are fun.

Prize #1 - $5.00 Paypal or Amazon ( or basically whatever you choose, as long as I can send it to you online)

Prize #2- A Coupon for a free half Gallon of International Delight Iced Coffee

Prize #3- A Priority Flat rate Small box filled with goodies.

Now, I want to make this real clear. I hear a lot of people on other blogs saying how the same people always win so I want to state something right off hand. I do have a lot of the same people winning, and the reason being I have a lot of the same people who take the time to enter and do all the entries plus the bonus entries. I am very fair about it, I put every single name in to random.org when i use comment system for entering. I let random.org pick. I do the same thing over again if winners do not respond. 

If it is a giveaway tools or rafflecopter entry, I let them randomly choose and I verify the entries, the only way I choose a new winner is if someone lied about doing a task or if the winners do not respond.

Now that is out of the way let's get this show on the road.

To enter today's flash Giveaway:

I want to know what you, as readers, want to see on the page in the new year. Coupon stratagies, deals, product reviews & Giveaways, recipes, whatever you think you may enjoy. You can comment as much as you want and I will end the giveaway tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. ( est)

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