Flash Giveaway- today only - Set of Hallmark Text Bands in time for Christmas

7:06 AM

I decided that we can squeeze in one more Flash Giveaway before Christmas and make sure it gets to you before the Holiday.

I have a set of Hallmark text Bands up for grabs today. 

What they Do:


Create UR own message using up to 10 characters. Change UR message with UR mood. Watch Text Bands in action.


UR band connects U to UR friends. Trade bumps or shake hands with someone with a Text Band. Learn cool Text Bands games you can play to trade messages with UR friends.


One lucky winner will get a set of 2 text bands and I will send them priority tomorrow so that you will have them for Christmas.

This giveaway will end at 11:59 p.m. ESt tonight ( Dec 17)

How to Enter: ( You can do 1 of these or all of these, it's up to you on how many entries you want to get)

1.) Make a comment and tell me who you would give these to if you win.

2.) Make a comment on any other post on the blog and tell me which post you commented on

3.) Tell me your favorite thing about the Holiday

4.) Tell me your favorite things to eat during Christmas

5.) Give me your best and easiest Peanut Butter fudge recipe  ( I am in desperate need of PB fudge and i can never make it right and I am craving it so badly haha) 10 entries for this one

6.) Make as many comments as you want that are related to the page, deals, coupons or Christmas or food, basically anything you want to comment on. each comment counts as 1 entry

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