Home Spa Shower Spray Review & Giveaway

6:49 AM

I, for one, am really big on smells when I take my showers and baths. I love scented bath water and now I can enjoy a scented and relaxing shower as well.

You know when you have had one of those days where the kids just would not behave, the light bulbs burned out, your boss yelled at you for no reason and your house is a mess and at the end of the day all you really want is a hot bath or shower to relax?

That's where Home Spa Shower Spray comes in. The only thing is, you can use it daily, even on your good days!

Home Spa Shower Spray comes in 4 scents, I am sure you can find one just for you. My personal favorite is the Lavender,it seemed to help me relax and sleep better in the evenings. All the smells were wonderful. The Eucalyptus was great when I was still suffering congestion from my recent cold. The Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine were nicely scented and fruity smelling and just gave me a sense of happiness so I choose to use those in the morning times. My oldest son, who works out a lot and is preparing to enter the Army really liked the Tangerine and said it just seemed to relax him in the shower after his workouts.

Using the Home Spa Shower Spray is really simple, if showering, you simply spray 3 sprays in to the stream of the water. If bathing in the tub, do the same with 3 sprays or I also found you can spray it directly in the bottom of the tub before you start running your bath water. Although you may think you need more than 3 sprays, I would recommend using it as stated because too much and you will over power your senses ( Yes, I admit, I did this and although it smelled great and my bedroom still smelled wonderful the next day, 3 sprays is really all you need) I use my Home Spa Shower spray most often in our Jacuzzi tub at night because after a long day working outside my husband enjoys it.

Now that I have all excited about this, who wants to win a bottle of  Home spa Shower Spray of their choice? How about 5 winners?

Home Spa Shower Spray is graciously offering 5 of my readers a chance to stuff their own stocking with a bottle of the scent of their choice.

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