Journey Gym Review & Giveaway

6:53 AM

Journey Gym is an innovative portable gym that you can take practically anywhere.  
I have several workout devices here at home but it seems that whenever I take a few days off and go somewhere I end up not working out and find it hard to get back in the habit once I am back home.

I loved the Journey Gym. It was very easy to put up with only a few steps to go through to have it set up and ready to use.

It took only just a few minutes for me to find the correct resistance I needed to get started. You simply hook your handles in to the color coded cord in which you feel you can handle. The DVD explains all the cords and everything you need to know about how to get going.

The Journey Gym has all kinds of exercise which you can do to work out all parts of your body. My son works out at the Gym on average of 5 days per week and when eh first saw the Journey Gym he was like no way is that going to work Mom. However, as you can see in the picture below, it not only was working for him but was harder than he expected ( yes, he may just shoot me for this picture)

After he had spent about 15 minutes working out and was sweating he told me that the Journey Gym was awesome and he wished he didn't have a contract at the gym because the Journey Gym would do most everything he did at the gym except the journey gym did not have a hot tub for after workouts and showers. Typical 17 year old speak, but the Journey Gym does work.

I love the fact that you can take it anywhere and it will not require much room nor does is it heavy. The Journey Gym is very light weight and easy to disassemble for transport. There are several ways in which you can use Journey Gym , personally i prefer standing up like my son in the picture above because you can do crunches and more and work out many different muscles. My son however, says he prefers to lay the Journey Gym out table style and do the exercises that go that way.

You can order the Journey Gym HERE and try it out for the first 30 days for only $14.99. They have 3 different sets to choose from. 

My Journey Gym also included extra resistance bands and the complete DVD and I love the fact that they also offer online support, menu planning and many other aspects to help you continue on your fitness goals.

One of my readers will win this Journey Gym  valued at $299 and the best part is, it's a simple entry!

Tell me in the comments below who would use the Journey Gym if you won

Bonus entry:

comment on any other post on the blog ( new comments not previous comments) and let me know here that you did for an additional entry ( this is unlimited, you can make as many other comments as you want)

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