Maximizing Your Grocery Savings

7:23 AM

How to utilize your coupons ......sounds fairly simple, right? Well here are a few tips to help you maximize your savings.

The biggest thing is organization. If you are organized, you can easily match your coupons to current sales. If you are using the Binder method, you just flip through your binder as you look through the ads. If you are simply using the envelope method, make sure you at least have them paper clipped by category so you can find them easier. I know some people have not yet been able to afford the binder method, but you can still save without it.

My biggest thing is, my Kroger only accepts 5 like coupons per order. So I end up stopping by Kroger 2-3 times a week if it's a really good deal. I never clear shelves ( unless only 1-2 are left on the shelf) that's just not a cool thing to do in my book. 

Always, always do a few minutes research before you go off to shop. Look at, coupon network , redplum and smart source as well as checking the brand's facebook page for coupons. Check for Catalina offers on coupon Network that you may not be aware of.

Enlist your kids to help if you can. Once they see how much extra food you can bring in they will help. They can clip coupons, match coupons to sales, etc. If they are smaller make it a matching game.

Always make a meal plan before you shop. I keep a running notebook of things we enjoy having and the ingredients needed for each and try to switch it up a bit each week and not have the same things over and over. If you plan ahead before shopping you can have all your coupons and sales matched up. try to plan your meals around that week's sales. 

Make a list and stick to it! Nine  times out of ten , I get exactly what is on my list and nothing more, and my kids know this. If we see something and it is not on our list, but on sale and we have a coupon, we may throw it in the cart. Check things off as you go, make sure you have your coupons.

Always check the Meat Department for markdowns because you can freeze it. Kroger usually marks down on Tuesdays here so even if I am not shopping that day, I try to make a point to run in really quick and check it out.

I will start trying to post daily tips and tricks of couponing and I would love to hear all of your tips as well.

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