New Year, New You : Change is coming

12:28 PM

The New Year is fast approaching and I know we are all looking for New ways to be Healthy, happy, save money and over all just be a new us.

I am currently putting together a series of post called New Year, new You which will focus on many different aspects of change.

 Things you will see are ways to be a better you by saving more money, New Healthy options for you and your family, New Menu Planning ideas, New exercise and weight loss and so much more.

I have several goals for myself and my family this year, including savings lots more money on the small things so I can afford the bigger, better things I really would like to have. i plan to do a challenge each week and run it as a contest as well for whomever can challenge themselves and the may the best man or woman win!

So get ready.....change is coming!

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