New Year, New You, New ways to save

11:18 PM

I know everyone gets so stressed out this time of year with the Holidays and such.

How would you like to go in to this same season next year and not have to worry so much about bills and groceries and gifts?

My goal was to save $7500 this year and I surpassed that goal by 32 % and the year is not quiet over yet.

I want to be able to teach you all and help you to achieve the same results. I want to do it realistically. I want my blog to be a place where we can all share tips and tricks, menu planning, recipes and things we find that we just love.

Saving Money is fun, and addicting, but at the same time, it also allows you to be able to do the things you need to and even buy the things you thought you never could.

So my New Year, New You series coming up will not only focus on our resolutions, but on becoming a New you by Saving money.

Every week ( yes, i shop every week, I have a very large family) I plan my menu's based on what is on sale at the store. I use the Old fashioned notebook to keep track of meals I have made that my family likes and the ingredients needed for those meals. I have filled a few notebooks with those ideas. 

My biggest personal goal this year is to become more organized. I gave up my large office so one of the Older boys could have their own bedroom, so I have a very small work space now, which has become a mess. It contains not only my Blogging stuff, but my business stuff, my kids school stuff, and our personal papers and such. I have to find the best way to organize it all.

So....let's get this party started and together we can all teach each other a few things. I will start out by posting a few Budget Friendly meals ideas this week ( you may need to cut the recipe in half for your family)

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